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10-16-2005 07:46 AM  13 years agoPost 1


Santa Monica California

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Everyone has a "first ever crash" story right?? Never thaught I'd be on here telling mine

My awsome rappy 50 came to an end today. Well the "end" part I'm still trying to determine. I have no photos but basically it was my first flight today. First thing on the ground I check all balllinks, did my radio check, checked that flybar wasnt moving. I allways check for these things as I dont trust vibration on these gas birds. I took off, man it was hovering perfect. I had finally got this bird dialed in after many weeks of tinkering... I was hovering and duing figure eights, it was smooth like an FAI machine. Put it into idle up and then did some quick flicks of collective to make sure I had enough punch out and was basically getting the bird warmed up for some stationary flip practicing. Went up nice and high and tried a flip. On the top end of the flip the helicopter rolled left without any input from me!!! And it did not sound like it was bogging. Instead of freaking out I decided I better bring it in for a look. So I try to circle it around to bring it in near where i land it. As I circle it around, I realize I have no left/right cyclic!!!!!. While I'm still in the air I do a quick check to make sure I am not smoking pot and sure enough, no left right cyclic. The bird at this point is not only out of control, but heading straight to the pit area where people are standing aorund. I still hand tail control so I spun the tail around and it stopped heading towards pit area, and then in an instant it hit the concrete HARD. I was in idle up, I did not put it in throttle hold. I know I should have, but it was my first crash ever and I just diddnt have that instinct built in. I also thaught Imight be able to save it somehow since I still had power. THe thing did a chicken dance for about half a minute then died. My first heli, 10 gallons through it. I suppose not a horrible record. Post mortem was a flybar paddle may have come off as we could not find one of the paddles. It was not a radio hit.

Brand new arizona heli canopy (first flight on it today..OUCH)
Muscle pipe 2 destroyed (ouch)
OS 50 SHX destroyed (ouch ouch!!)

and the usuals..
Main + tail Blades gone
Gears chewed up.
Flybar gone, paddles gone.
The usual main shaft and spindle bent.

Lucked out:
My all metal top dragon head w/grips held up without a scratch
Amazingly it did NOT boom strike on ground. The blades came off
that clean
Tail assembly undamaged.
All electronics in good shape. I need to double check the tail servo
but since the tail had very little damage I thin it'sok.

Problem is, with my engine/muffler now gone, as well as all the misc parts + blades I need. We're looking at roughly the cost of new hyperraptor kit
from heliproz (which includes blades+engine) which is about $550.
God this hurts.. and I was finally feeling it.. you know that dialed in feeling.
I was flying with such confidence and it was set up perfectly.

It's one thing to dumb thumb it.. but in this case it is some sort of mechanical falieure that I still dont know. and I am a perfectionist when it comes to mechanics.. I check my stuff all the time!!! Talk about bad luck.

oh for $550 I can also get a Hirobo Sceadou. some say its definitly a step up. I've seen some Seadous fly like 90's. Looks like I'm "in the market again" for a heli . Not sure if thats a good thing So do I get another raptor kit, and use the old one for spares, or just get a slightly better bird (the Hirobo). ?? I'm all confused. But if the Heli gods are good to me I'll be in the air again soon.

Raptor 50 | Apollo 11 field, California.

10-16-2005 08:01 AM  13 years agoPost 2
GimbalFan (RIP)


Big Coppitt Key, FL

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"So do I get another raptor kit, and use the old one for spares, or just get a slightly better bird?" -- Get another HyperRaptor and bank the spares. Do it NOW. Pull your wallet out NOW. Buy the parts NOW. Fly, man, FLY!


10-16-2005 05:29 PM  13 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

St. Augustine

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honestly besides the engine pipe and blades sounds like you got off pretty easy, I'd look for good used items here on RR the rest is nickle and dime does add up but I'm pretty sure when you tear it down and have a look it wont be as bad as you bad is the engine? are the guts fine and the crankcase cracked? if so put a wanted add for a crankcase I picked one up for $25

classified for hyper and MP2

Ask your Doctor if getting off your ass is right for you.

10-25-2005 07:35 PM  13 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

england - Leicester

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nice and expensive... got any pics? a 30 sec chicken dance had to look nasty at the end


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HomeAircraftHelicopterCrashed? Discussion and Photos › the time finally came
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