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10-15-2005 09:05 PM  13 years agoPost 1


Lilburn, GA

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I am just now starting to fly my Hawk Pro without training gear. I went out to fly this afternoon and when it lifted off the ground it was fine for a few seconds, then all of the sudden it started wagging (yawing left and right). It got worse over time until it finally got so bad I could not fly it. Last weekend when I flew, it had slight wagging so I changed the gain from the factory 50% to 25% and that got rid of the wagging. Since that flight I have changed the end points on the radio (as recommended by the gyro manufacture manual) and moved the gain back to 50%, no matter what I set the end points to, the wagging would not stop. I finally decided to reset the gyro and end points to the settings they had when the heli was flying well; and its still wagging. What do you guys think could be causing this? My radio is a Futaba 7CHP and the gyro is a Century PG2000 IIR. Thanks for the help!

10-15-2005 09:32 PM  13 years agoPost 2
A. Bundy

rrElite Veteran

Aurora,IL. 30W/SW of Chicago

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Loose gyro tape,servo going bad,or something in the tail control rod system coming apart.

10-15-2005 09:32 PM  13 years agoPost 3



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make sure there is no binding in the tail control, snap the ball link off of your rudder servo and make sure everything is moving freely, If it is binding it could cause the wagging. It is usaully gain set too high, but if you have turned the gain down I would suspect binding.

10-16-2005 12:03 PM  13 years agoPost 4


Pittsburgh, PA

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PG2000 gyro
Mine did the same thing for months. You don't say what radio your using, but with mine I had to disconnect the remote gain, could never get it to work. Just used the gain on the gyro and it held fine. This was a suggestion someone gave me here. If you search for gyro you will find losts of information on it.

Good luck, jjp

10-18-2005 07:06 PM  13 years agoPost 5


South Africa, Cape Town

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I don't know that gyro, but here goes....

Is it a gyro that you can select between "rate", and "heading lock" ?

If so, select rate, and see if the problem persists.
If it does, the gyro should have a gain setting somewhere, either a little screwy thingy, or in software, if you have a real fancy computer programmable gyro.

Reduce the gain.

Make sure you don't have any slop in the tail linkages.
Make sure you don't have unnecesary binding in the linkages.
Change the hole on the servo arm or horn arm.

Beyond that, I don't know, Yet !


10-18-2005 07:22 PM  13 years agoPost 6

rrKey Veteran

North East of the USA

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just an idea.
did u check that your boom is solid by turning it by hand.
(happened to me)

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Heli wagging more than dog.
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