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10-15-2005 04:58 PM  13 years agoPost 1


Nidwalden, Switzerland

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But which helicopter brand / type is the right one after having only flown a Piccolo electric heli? I have many hours hovering and exploring the house with it - more often the power outlets to charge the batteries - now want to upgrade to my backyard (yes - I have a big one). I have read through most brand forums - all types are great and have their shares of problems. A Vario Benzin Trainer seems to be an ideal solution, a nitro heli maybe - but is it just too much for me. I'm not up to 3D, but eventually want to upgrade to a scale helicopter.

I do extremely appreciate your advises and your upgrade experiences.


10-15-2005 11:18 PM  13 years agoPost 2


Newcastle UK

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Two schools of thought here. One say's get a 30 size machine to learn on, but then if you can fly a piccolo I dont see the point.

The only thing is that going to a benzin trainer it is sure going to seem one huge animal after the little one. If you can get your head around that, and the cost, then go for it.

I learnt to fly with a Nexus 30 (twitchy little bugger) but was really pleased with the results when I got an Xcell 60. The 60 was just so stable in the air, to my mind much easier to fly. Now I'm getting into benzin, an Alouette II with just the two blade head for now, but wow the blade size on this beasty

Philip Martin.

10-16-2005 12:43 PM  13 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Surrey, England

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Like Phil says, it may be a bit scary if you go for a Benzine from a Piccolo but if you can fly a Piccolo then the Benzine will be really, really easy by comparison.

If you do want to go scale then you have two main manufacturers that produce 'proper' scale helis. Vario of course and also Hirobo. I think Vario have a slightly larger selection to choose from but Hirobo have some really interesting stuff coming out now like their new Chinook.

You could also go for a glow powered pod and boom Vario if you feel the Benzine is a bit intimidating. Most of the Glow Varios can also be used as the basis for a scale conversion. The Benzine based scale models are normally larger though and gas is great fo scale helis (no exhaust smoke)

Hope this helps.


10-16-2005 01:24 PM  13 years agoPost 4


Sherwood, Arkansas

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A Pinto to a Porche!!!!!
Well, I have to agree with both of the previous posts, but I would really suggest that you do something "in between" the jump from a Piccolo to a Benzin....
And the reason for this is that to start with, they do fly differently.... and I agree if you can fly the Piccolo, you can most likely fly anything, BUT, there are other things to learn that a pod an boomer can teach you.. one would be flying at a distance, another would be autorotation practice, so that "maybe" you could save your scaler if if flamed out....and of course the obvious, that was already stated.... the size.... a tail rotor blade on a Benzin is about the same size as a main blade on the Piccolo!!!!
I would suggest that you get one of the more "popular" 50 sized units that are out there.... Tiger, Evo, Raptor, and then go out and burn up your back yard..... when finished and comfortable, then make the leap and I am pretty certain that you will be a much better pilot and a much happier one too.... Just set the pod and boom up with the equipment that you will use on the Benzin.... then you can strip it out if you like when you sell it off.... and one more word of advise, for now it seems that the Raptor has the fastest resell potential.....
Sorry for the long winded reply, but JMHO!!!!! Stan
And best of luck... we'll be watching for those scale pic's!!!!!

AMA 2918-Team Spin Blades,,Castle Creations, Unique Aircraft

10-16-2005 06:01 PM  13 years agoPost 5


Nidwalden, Switzerland

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Thank you...
Folks, I really enjoyed reading your feedback and suggestions. I'm not scared about the size - I'm an instructor and fly real airplanes too - but you have raised a very important operational issue I was overlooking - autorotation. I'm watching for further comments, but I guess I understand the direction I shall head for.

Just out of interest, my Piccolo is a "home made" scale SE3130 (Alouette II). Some history for those who are interested in background information: The SE.3130 Alouette II accomplished its first flight March 12, 1955. It was based on the original Sud Aviation Alouette prototype, which again was based on the SO.1221 Djinn, but with a different drive system (the Djinn story is very interesting too as well as the technical solution of the drive system). The first Alouette II had a turbine instead of the traditional piston engine, which made of it the first turbine-powered helicopter in the world with being certified. Some major and very remarkable achievemnts of this helicopter: June 6, 1955, Jean Boulet tackled the altitude record for all categories and brought Alouette II to 8209 meters then to 10984 meters on June 13, 1958. July 3, 1956, serial Alouette II s/n 2 done the first mountain-rescue by helicopter, with more than 4000 meters of altitude and with a huge wind, by evacuating a mountaineer victim of a cardiac faintness.

The Alouette II was available in a civil and military version. The Swiss Air Force version - my scale – operated the SE.3130 Alouette II from 1958 - 1992. There were total 30 helicopters in service (V-41 - V-70). A single SE.3130 is remained airworthy and being operated as HB-XAQ.


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