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Zwartebroek, Gelderland - Netherlands

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I've got a problem solving blade tracking.
I know you got to put tape at the end of the blades and look which blade is running higher but I really can't see any color difference.

what colors of tape are best?

I end up just trying to change the setup, try it, better or not, try it again, and so on

how do you guys do this?

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10-15-2005 05:59 PM  13 years agoPost 2
Brett Sumpter


Roswell, GA

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My blades are white, I've got one tip that's red (used a permanent marker) - works fine for me, I can easily see the difference.

With good quality blades & careful initial setup it'll be very close the first time - I only had to make a single 1/2 turn adjustment.

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10-15-2005 07:59 PM  13 years agoPost 3


Liverpool, England

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With a good set of balanced blades the best way to set blade tracking is with a pitch gauge. Take time getting your 0' pitch setting correct and you will very seldom have to do any adjustment

10-16-2005 12:26 AM  13 years agoPost 4



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I'll tell you how I been doing it for years....and I'm color blind to certain degree, seriously. If the blades are black, use a strip of white paper and transparent tape over it, just leave enough tape all around the paper strip so that you can stick this on the leading edge of one blade, just pick one and only one.....when you look at the rotor spinning....look at the right side of the rotor disks as it spins with level eyesight(tail facing you). For a micro heli you can do this on the dinning table. If it still does not look clear to you, put a barrier (such as a dark briefcase, a dark gym bag, a purse) on the right front of the Heli so that you have some contrast. If the blades are white...use black electrical tape. the whole idea here is to mark the blade grip of the blade that you made the pitch curves adjustments from and mark it with white out, a scratch on it or whatever is your flavor, just as long as you know and remember which one you made the adjustments from, then put tape on the other one and if is higher or lower.....adjust that blade out of track and make it equal. It sounds like more than what really is but it will take you less than 5 minutes, I kid you not. Also, make sure that while you there holding the heli by the skids it feels very if it wants to hover, this will ensure all the flex is gone. Give it a try. Not to knock off anyone but I tried long time ago that pitch gauge on both blades thing, the precise messurement of links and all but you know what....not all blades are created equal when they are mass produced and you make the spin at 1700-1900 rpms.

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Most people i know use blue and red. Personally i use dayglo green and dayglo yellow.

DONT use red and yellow i did once never again they just always seem to look orange lol.


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