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Kirkwall,Orkney,Scot land

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i have just bought a dragonfly 35 this may sound silly but can anyone explain what the flight mode switch and the gear switch actualy do as the manual that came with the machine is very poor, also can you explain the setup controls on the gyro and how to set them correctly.

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Austin, Texas - US

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The gear switch doesn't do jack, unless you add something to that channel....

The flight mode switch is your idle up switch.

Basically "1" is pretty much 100% throttle, but 0 degree pitch is half stick. "N" mode 0 degree pitch is at bottom stick with variable throttle.

Only use "1" for 3d manuevers... when your done... get out of "1" and back into "N". In the event you crash, imagine your bird 100% throttle floppin around on the ground until you realize your still in idle up.


P.S. grats on your foray into the walkera land. I love mine :-)

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