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10-14-2005 02:02 PM  13 years agoPost 1



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My other little rant thread got me thinking as I was bored, sitting in traffic this morning. And I'm curious why some folks recomend the components they do? When someone asks me what do I think they should use, the first questions I think of and ask that person are "Do you plan on really staying with the hobby or are you just checking it out? Do you realize it WILL get expensive and frustrating?" The answer is usually "Oh, I'm really gonna stay with it yada yada"... that is until they realize it is quite hard to learn and can be very expensive.

I guess I just got to thinking about this b/c I see people recomend stuff like motors that they themselves even say are weak or low power. Or TX's that will get them by. Why do people recomend stuff like that? Why suggest to someone who is new, and going to take your advice 95% of the time, something that you yourself think is a weak product. Why suggest something they will end up wanting to replace 4 mos down the road as their skills progress? Why not suggest they do more research than just listen to you, tell them to wait and save a bit if they have to, and get a component that will keep them flying long down the road?

I think this type of advice especially applies to TX's, motors and gyros. Yes, they are some of the most expensive parts, but if purchased wisely you will not have to replace them down the road. A little more money up front will actually save you money down the road AND give them a better experience.

So I was just wondering, what do you base your recomendations on and why do you recomend the parts you do? Sorry, don't feel like working this morning so I'm just typing out loud here.

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Very well thought out. I think hobby stores do this to make more money in the long run, or some of the cheeper stuff is more profitable. Other than that I tell folks what I think is crap and what will last a long time.

10-14-2005 09:44 PM  13 years agoPost 3


Villa Rica, GA

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My take on this is that you WILL crash. Then, why would you replace a component that costs more, when you can learn on less expensive stuff. Notice that this does not apply to the transmitters, since you don't crash them.


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10-14-2005 11:58 PM  13 years agoPost 4


Flint, Michigan

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I'm with Ciprian on this idea,, new pilot, + heli flying = sure crash before you really get to serious flying,,, therefore, a little less expensive in the beginning on the "wear" type items, and a nicer (JR8103/9303 or futabe 9chp) transmitter,, I personally like the seven point throttle and pitch curves on the 9303 radio,, even thought I only fly w/ 8103 at this time,,, next up will likely be 9303 jfor just that reason.

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10-16-2005 07:07 AM  13 years agoPost 5

rrElite Veteran

Atlanta, GA

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I sold my 8103 and got a 9303 just because it was shinier and had a bigger screen!

Mikel where was I, dh/dt = BS-dx/dt
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10-16-2005 08:34 AM  13 years agoPost 6


Los Angeles, CA

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I work in a hobby store and It is all about how much money the customer wants to spend! I suggest what I believe that customer is looking for.

I for one try to point the customer in to the direction that is going to hopefully give them the product that is what they want, (And Skilllevel) most have not done any research and I will sugest that they do so.

However having said that some customers can not and never will be able to fly a chopper so, in they come asking what do I recommend ?

And then when I make a recommendation will either complain about the price of a 200.00 blade or a 600.00 T-rex, some think gas is the way to go and will complain about it's price, Hey I'm only the person behind the counter not the price setter, so it seems that unless you have done some research they will suffer from sticker shock, I think one should listen to many sources gather your facts and then make your on decision based on all of the information.

So I will recommend what is reported back to me as woking the best and will try to pass this on to my customers, it is up to them to formulate their own opinion.

So as you can see it is all about how much you would like to spend


Keep "Em" Flying

10-17-2005 07:53 AM  13 years agoPost 7

rrElite Veteran

Pasco,Washington Formerly: Captain Chaos

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People just getting into this hobby usually don't take well to the drastic learning curve associated with some of the higher end components. They want to start playing with thier new toy as soon as possible instead of dealing with complicated components/instructions and the "Batteries not included" factor.

Recommendations are made for the newb's comfort and ease during introduction to this complicated hobby. And price tag is usually a major issue to newbs. Especially if they just want to test the waters and see if it's really for them. A huge investment will not benefeit them in the slightest.

I think everyone should start out with something cheap and simple. Just because they "think" they are serious about getting into this hobby, it doesn't always ring true after they realize just how complicated and expensive it can be.

10-17-2005 09:16 AM  13 years agoPost 8


Lier, Belgium

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From the newbies' side (we're the ones that always ask for your recommendations ) I can only add this to the conversation:

I started out with a GWS Mini Dragonfly ARF set, which included a cheap 6ch tx and everything, down to the NiMh battery.

Wasn't long before I switched to LiPo's tho (+ purchase of lipo loader).

And I guess it was only a month or so later that I purchased my computerized tx (MX-12).

Just a couple of months after my first purchase, I'm flying my T-rex CDE.

So I could have saved A LOT of money if I knew from the beginning where I was going...

STILL: I'm glad I took the path that I did.

1. MONEY is factor no. 1 !!!!!
I wanted to get my first heli for AS LITTLE money as I could (even lipo's seemed to be the luxury choice then).
I did go for the kit with the little extra's (motor cooling el., extrastrong tail motor, head stiffner etc) because I wanted the most heli for my money.
But if I had needed to buy the MX-12 right from the start, I guess I wouldn't even have started heli's in the first place (as 'too expensive a hobby )

2. I'm REALLY GLAD I learned to fly with the cheap Dragonfly. Both purchase and replacement costs are a fraction of the T-rex's. Thing can take a lot of serious crashes and if it does break, the repair costs are just a joke..
Remembering my first 10-15 flights, I don't see myself doing that with a T-rex! (would have been flat broke if I did )

3. Once I got confident that a. I could at least hover an rc heli and b. this hobby was really my cup of tea, I got to the point where I decided to spend a lot more on a decent CP.

4. Still, I wanted the best heli for the least money - so that's where U guys come in ! (here on RunRyder I learned soon that the 450XL was the way to go - and thus AVOIDED that 'interesting' promo on the X v2)
I was looking for advice on stuff like servo's, gyro etc. because I wanted to get some decent stuff so I wouldn't need no upgrading in the coming 6 months or so (and avoid buying junk and be totally dissappointed), but at the same time I wanted to avoid 'overkill' (..very limited budget and not see myself doing 3d for the coming time .. )

So Captain Chaos is totally right.

Newbies should get the cheapest stuff that still gives a 'good' experience - to learn the flying and see if it's really for them ..

Later, they will spend more money but they'll have more experience in flying (less crashes! + probably need for better stuff) and a better view on what they want/need.

So I guess good advice from you experts is invaluable for us!
-> avoid the junk, but advice stuff that is really good enough for a beginner even tho a pro will think it's weak (say: the best value for money).

Oh and... THANKS!!

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10-17-2005 10:05 AM  13 years agoPost 9


Golden Bay , New Zealand

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It's a bit like drugs, gotta get them hooked first

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Other › Why do you recomend the parts you recomend when asked?
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