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I want o buy a Kenyon gyro, but see they run on only AC voltage. What are you guys using for an invertor to make the system run on 12 volts. Also, with your system how long will it run the gyro. One more thing..........what do you think is better ..the #4 model or the #2 model.
Thanks in advance

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

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The Kenyon gyros come WITH the inverter..... it runs on 12 volts. I use a 12 volt gel cell to run the gyro up to speed... then switch over to an on-board 3 cell LiPo pack.
It works great....

The KS-4 is quite a bit heavier than the KS-2.... if you have a MOOSE of a helicopter... and a MOOSE of a camera, it might be worth it... but most everybody I know of runs the KS-2.

Hope this helps!


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Foothills, CO.

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We run the ks4. I know some people have don't like it but I like to think it gives you the option of working with different camera setups.

Make sure that when you order from Kenyon that they know what your going to use it for. The traditional Kenyon setup is an invertor OFF of the gyro itself. They will then place the invertor on the gyro so you have one less piece to mess with.


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