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Well, I got this heli from a local guy here. This guy is anal about his stuff - everything neatly tied down. Sparkling shiny and all. Lots of spares and upgrades and the machine is basically ready to fly (battery is charged). He almost encouraged me to come fly with him right away...
Well, I am not anal about my stuff but I know that there are several things to check. And surely - seek and thau shall find...
First thing I noticed was that the auto hub was stuck. I decided to take apart the main gear and see what is jamming it so I grabbed my 2.5mm hex wrench and nut driver but - no nut!!! and the jesus bolt is broken in half. Wear marks on it tell me that the heli was flown like that for at least one flight (maybe more). Auto hub was easily fixed and re-oiled.
Now I had the incentive to go on with my checkup. Next thing was flybar links rubbing against the metal rotor grips (Rappy 50 it is). I couldn't figure this out even with the help of RR search so I took the head off of the mast and surely - the phase alignment ring was not true with the flybar axis. I don't know how this guy flew like this when he obviously had some phase error causing aileron-elevator interaction. So I got that fixed and gone was the rubbing.
Then I took the machine apart to re-assemble with a new set of frames and when I got to re-mounting the engine - hum.. took some pressure to get the mount holes aligned with frame holes. Back to RR and this time - I got it answered. Removed the engine washer under the fan and all is well...
Now what's the use of tidying up your macine if you fail to read the manual and build it right???

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zoom boy

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N.E. Lincolnshire UK

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Knew a guy like that years back, really OTT on everything, didnt want any advice but clearly needed it (more in the set up area) and still cant fly, insisted that his machine was "expertly built" well not the way it looked, and maintainance is a bitch on it, because everything is locktighted (the strong stuff) to every other thing, didnt find out until I bought it, and had to completely re-set it up, flys like a dream now, but back then..........

Dont know, but maybe someone changed what the word expert means and forgot to tell me

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kind of ironic isn't it ..


10-29-2005 08:52 PM  13 years agoPost 4


Goleta, CA

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zoom boy,
An expert, generally a consultant, is the guy that borrows your watch, tells you what time it is, then leaves with your watch and sends you a bill.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it!

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Why RTFM????
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