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10-13-2005 03:32 PM  12 years agoPost 1
Prince Caramba



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I have Kontronik Fun 480-28 motor. Before i had no problems with this motor but now after 2 min. of hovering with my Corona motor simply stops and it is very hot. I use stock pinion, 4 degree blade holders, Nimh 8 batteries.

I love the smell of helipad in the morning...

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10-19-2005 01:09 AM  12 years agoPost 2


Monroe, NC

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Could it be related to:
1) A bent (binding) main shaft?
2) Bad bearing(s)?
3) Worn out swash plate?
4) Worn out ball bearings in the swash plate?
5) Tail rotor gear mesh?

Any number of those type things.

In my case; my hacker brushless ran cool with out the body. Once I put the body on, it would overheat within 3 minutes and begin shutting down. I ran across some pictures within someone’s gallery where they had cut out the windows on the stock body. So, I did the same with the addition of some stylish holes in the bottom. Bingo! Runs cool as a cucumber and in my humble opinion, it looks better too.

Just some stuff to think about,


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