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10-12-2005 01:04 PM  13 years agoPost 1
Russ Delaney


Ashbocking, Suffolk, UK

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I have now had enough of been told by CSM that its the setup or mechanics of my heli that is to blame for drift and or tailwag etc.

So I did a test of my own on 2 helicopters.

1. Vario benzin
2. Xcell Graphite

On the Vario I installed a CSM 560 every part of the instructions were followed during setup.

Flight testing was then done and the results were not good at all, tail wagging and drift clearly visible, made adjustments to try and correct but did not achieve an awfull lot.

CSM gyro removed and futaba 601 fitted, Wow totally different heli, no wagging and no drift.

I then did exactly the same on a graphite Xcell and guess what! the same results as above, yes i did try another 560 and no real difference.

CSM this is not my heli or setup!!

would be interested to hear of anyone else that has similar results.


Team Quick UK Pilot 20

10-12-2005 01:28 PM  13 years agoPost 2


Bognor Regis,UK, Aurorra Ltd

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Had exactly the same results here, I have the CSM on that table at home (along with the 8700G). Replaced by a 601, not a single problem since. I did manage to get the CSM to work properly once but it wasn't as nice to fly as the 601 and soon started drifting again. Won't go back...


Trex 600e
Trex 600n
Aurorra Ltd, Align UK, Align Factory, CSM, Quick UK, Heli-Lessons

10-12-2005 07:23 PM  13 years agoPost 3
rotor- shark



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this has been the case for a long time now,i'm really glad that somone has finally done a simple comparison to prove thet it is actually a lack of vibration tolerance on the part of the csm gyro and not the fault of the heli.i went through hell with my micro 560 before i finally got it to hold the tail(had to use a really heavy brass plate to absorb vibration) unfortunatly i wasn't able to do this on my fury,and the standard 560 in it would not hold the tail no matter what i tried,in the end i had to sell the helicopter and admit defeat.i think the whole csm vibration issue has left some mental scars in my mind or somthing, because i now have a gy601 brand new in the box never used that just sits on the shelf doing nothing,i often stare at it for hours at a time in a mental trance like state............................................................................... and i also don't have much hair left!

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10-13-2005 12:05 PM  13 years agoPost 4


Arlington, Virginia

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I had the same experience and made it work by securing it with zeal gel on the next flight. It holds rock solid with no drift. Performance is near a 601. I hope the 720 is an improvement without having to use the gel.

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