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Greetings Everyone,

Since I am a new heli pilot, I am just beginning to get acquainted with all of the electronics. I have a couple of questions:

1. I have purchased a 4.8V receiver battery. How many flights is that usually good for? Do I need to discharge them before a re-charge?

2. How long does the transmitter battery last? Do I need to discharge this?...In addition, how long does it take to charge?

3. Lead Acid battery - Discharge required?

Thanks so much for your help! I currently have a 12V wall charger and receiver battery wall charger ...I am wondering if this is enough


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zoom boy

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1, Voltage doesnt tell you how long the battery lasts, that tells you how bright it would light a bulb, more volts = brighter light/faster motor/louder buzzer etc.

For duration you should look for the mAH rating, eg 1700mAH means it can supply 1.7 amps for one hour, and would be good for about 2-3 flights assuming digital servos, probably 3-4 assuming analogue.

You will never take the full mAH out of a battery, out of a 1700 you would probably take 8-900 before the voltage is too low to fly.

2, A 1000mAH transmitter battery should last a few hours.

3, Not really, a lead acid battery should just be bulk charged then left to trickle charge until needed.

A better charger would be a wise investment, even if you dont stick with the hobby it can be very very useful to have a top end charger, look at something like the Pro-peak Mercury or constelation.

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