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in the instruction manual of the 450xl it shows you should glue the blade grip bearings in the grips. does anyone do this or just install them. i just installed mine and noticed if i push in on the grips that the bearing moves and lets the grip move inward towards the head. is that normal? also does anyone make a thrust bearing kit for the stock head/grips?

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rrElite Veteran

Mobile, Alabama

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Microheli makes a blade grip setup with thrust bearings ..... haven;t seen the actual part yet, but the specs look good. If the blade grips are slif\ding back toward the head's centerline, you need to add some shims. I use 3,, shim washers like the ones that come with metal nitro heads (they go under all of the bearings to alleviate binding), I have a box of them and use them extensively. The best place for the shim washer is between the small bearing and the first larger bearing in the blade grip. Placing the shim here transfers the load from the first bearing and more evenly distributed across all of the radial bearings. I personally use the Align metal blade grips without any problems (although, I do not use ANY of the standard Align linkages .... all of mine are 2.3mm rods with Dubro captive balls for the links).

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Hi Eccoheli,
I just finished building my TREX XL htis past rainy weekend.
I found that the bearings inserted into the paddle grips when placed in side seem to feel like they are really seated but arnt.The spacer in between the the paddle grip and the head would sink to deep pushing the back bearing in causing the paddle grip to rub on the head.
I simply used a pair if needle nose pliers and gently squeezed the bearings into place deeper inside of the paddle grip
Now my spacer and bearing on the spindle side would stay in place and the paddle grip can move rubbing.
This is my first helicopter build from a parts bag.Excellent experience
learning this way.I also have had the Blade for about a month and still flies great.
Well..Thats my experience with that issue.Hoped it helped in some way.


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Gary Hoorn

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Annapolis Maryland USA

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I do not use any Loctite or any other adhesive on the blade holder bearings. I place them in one at a time and seat them fully using a large wooden dowel. Push hard as it can take a bit of effort. Do them one at a time to ensure each one is fully seated.

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Other › blade grip bearings
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