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I need help with the concept of pitch degrees transfer to radio percentage. What's the relation for setting the pitch curve...

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Here is the theory side of it for you ...

Lets say you have the travel limits ( ATV, EPA or whatever you radio uses ) set to give you a pitch range of -10 to +10 degrees travel ( that is 20 degrees total travel ) oh.. and every bell crank and connecting rod is set up to be 90 degrees to their respective rod.

Now you look at the pitch settings on the radio

If your pitch is at 0% then that will give you -10
If your pitch is at 50% then that will give you 0%
If your pitch is at 100% then that will give you +10

You will notice that this will give a mathematical theory of 5% travel for every 1 degree of pitch. ( 100% / 20 degrees total travel = 5% per 1 degree )

So using that theory then the following would be correct.
0% = -10degrees
25% = -5 degrees
50% = 0 degrees
75% = +5 degrees
100% = +10 degrees

I did say at the beginning that this is the theory and it is only the theory, but it is a good starting point when bench setting a pitch range. In the real world the -5 and +5 will not be exactly 25% and 75% respectively because of the nature of a servo arm moving in a circular motion.

I hope this is of some help


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Stick position creates what is called "IN" or "Input Value"
You then choose the "Out" or "Output Value"

Example Futaba 7CAP:

Bring forth the Pitch screen. Move the throttle/collective(Left) stick up until the arrow point's to P3 (Point #3), which is midstick. Here, the Stick Position yields an Input value of 50. ( Higher-end radios will actually show the number 50 instead of the reference point P3)

Note that across from the P3 reads 50%. This is the "Output" value.If you leave the output value as is (at 50), you will have a "linear" type setup. If you adjust the output value above or below 50, you create a "Curve".

How you might use this:

Lets say youre heli is in a stable hover, but your ear tells you the head speed is too high.

Note the position (or have a helper note the position) of the throttle/collective stick AT HOVER.

Land the heli and shut it down ( Until you get the hang of adjusting values in your radio)
Bring either the Throttle or Pitch ( sometimes you have to adjust one and also the other) screen up.
Return the left stick to the previously noted position at hover.
Across from the arrow is the output percentage value.
If youre in Throttle curve...lower it.
If youre in Pitch curve...raise it.
Try doing just the throttle, or just the pitch. Try doing both.( More advanced flyers can suggest which to do first)
Adjust by one percent or two at a time.

Frre up and hover heli again, and repeat until its right.

Eventually, you will maintain the proper head speed for ANY condition the heli is in!

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First thanks for all your help. I have a Shogun and it was setup by the guy at my LHS. Tx- futaba 7cap, the heli came with a cardboard pitch gage with 0,3, and 7 degrees. Right now the pitch curve is set as following;
P5) 34.0%
P4) 31.5%
P3) 29.0%
P2) 23.5%
P1) 18.0%

It was hovering ok, but his setting had a lot of trims, sub trims, so I decide to start all over with a fresh program, got rid of the sub trims and trim it mechanically, etc. I’m not going to do 3d in the near future. I got almost everything set except for the pitch curve. So basically I’ll be staying on the positive side, so any tips will be greatly appreciated.

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