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10-14-2005 02:38 PM  13 years agoPost 21

rrElite Veteran

Brick, NJ - USA

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long, but experimental :)
Here's what I did, and it appears to work....

I went through the Channel Assignment process, assigned the Autorotation to channel 7. In the 9C AUX-CH menu I set CH7>Sw-G (top right forward switch). I didn't find any difference in operation when setting the End Points for 7:AUX either at 100/100 or 0(off position)/100(on position). Throttle Hold now works. You can adjust your idle percentage in the THR-HOLD menu in the 9C. Mine is at POSI>+30%

For the Gyro stuff, in Channel Assignment I deselected what had been set at Chl. 5. I couldn't adjust the Channel Display slider for the Gyro, it wasn't selectable with both control panels open simultaneously. My Gyro Sens in the 9C is set at Mode>GY, MIX>ACT, Rate-Up AVC 50%, CNTR>AVC 50%, DOWN>AVC 50%, SW>E (my Idle-up switch top left forward), End Points for Channel 5 are 100/100

After finishing the Channel Assigment, I closed out of that and then went into the Model Parameters and checked to see that Gyro Sensibility was at 100% and the Piezo-Integral gyro was selected, it was, done there.

Now, once I'd hit F4 to start the sim, and pull up the Channel Display and saw that the Chl. 5 was at 59%, I manually slid it upto 110%. I took off and did some stick banging piros and whipped the heli around and it appears that the tail is locked real tight, as it should.

I saved the Channel Assignment and shut down the program. I restarted it, pulled up the Channel Display and saw that Chl 5 was at 59% again. So I then went into the 9C Gyro Sens menu and tinkered with the sensitivity numbers. With the Gyro in AVC mode at 50%, Reflex was showing 59%, when I moved the number upto 100% in the radio, I got 110% in Reflex.

Ok, to test something different, I assigned the Gyro in the 9C to Switch A and set Up>AVC 100%, Down>AVC 100%. I shut down Reflex, restarted it, Reclaibrated Center (Channel 5 came up as not centered), then pulled up the Channel Display and Chl. 5 showed 110%. I hit F4 to start the sim and the tail was locked nice and solid.

This is with CH5>NULL in AUX-CH. Also, when I'd INH the Gyro Sens in the 9C the percentage in Reflex's Channel Display for CHl. 5 would drop to 2%.

Another method I tried was in Gyro Sens, INH all that, setting AUX CH5>SW-A, E.Point 5:GYR 86/86, with the switch down CHl. 5 in Reflex reads at 110%, with it up it reads -104%.

Also, all my Sub-trims are zeroed, no Trims, no Offsets, all ATVs aside from Chl. 7 are at 100/100, all pitch and throttle curves are linear (0, 25, 50, 75, 100), no Revo Mix, all other Prog. Mixing is INH.

So all this mess confirmed that despite having nothing selected for the Gyro Sensitivity in Reflex's Channel Assigment menu it still looks for something on Channel 5 from your transmitter. Despite the manual setting of 100% in the Model Parameters it doesn't seem to proliferate anywhere else in the program reguardless of your Tx settings. If nothing else, I think it sets a range of how much sensitivity the model will allow. Like, I think if you set it at 50% and had your AVC set to 100% in the Tx, the most the model would simulate is 50%...I think?

So I think it doesn't really matter what switch you use, other then your Throttle Hold switch, so long as the percentage you specify in your Tx tops out the percentage in Reflex's Channel Display.

So, after all that experimenting, I went back and set things up as follows:

9C Tx settings:
E.Point for 5:GYR 100/100
AUX-CH CH5>Sw-E (Idle-Up switch)

Reflex settings:
Channel Assignment, Gyro Sensitivity, no channel selected
Model Parameteres, Gyro Sensibility, 100%
Gryo System, Piezo-Integral

With the Channel Display active, I get 110% on Channel 5 in all flight modes (Nor, Idl1, 2, 3 & Hold) and a solid, tight holding tail.

I'm leaving mine this way. I just thought it was wierd that despite the Channel Assigment for the Gyro Sensibility being unassigned, the Tx being setup to where Channel 5 was Null, Reflex still responded to Gyro Sensitivity adjustments made in the Tx . Also despite having specified 100% Gyro Sensibility in the Model Parameters, I'd get 2% on the Channel 5 in Channel Display if I INH the Gyro Sensitivity in the Tx.

Obviously there is no one way of obtaining these results, but with my final settings in the Tx, they best mimic the settings I'd normally have for my real heli sans the 100% sensitivity in AVC since in reality I'd prolly get some rediculous tail wag with my GY401.

Hope this helps someone.

- Dan Goldstein
Team Revolectrix

10-14-2005 03:16 PM  13 years agoPost 22

rrKey Veteran

Longwood, FL USA

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darkf8, the gyro channel outputs 0-100 no matter what mode you select in the Gyro screen. In GY mode, 0% on the radio is actually output as 50%; output values 50%-100 indicate AVCS mode (which the radio sees as 0% to plus 100%), output < 50% indicate NOR mode (-100 to 0% on the radio).

To calibrate the gyro in Reflex, you have to set up a center position (0% on radio, 50% output), and an AVC 100%. You then calibrate, assign GY sens channel and adjust max throw in Reflex with AVC 100%. After that, you should lower AVC somewhere around 85. There's no magic, but you do need to understand how the radio is handling the different gyro modes and their relationship to actual channel output.

10-14-2005 08:15 PM  13 years agoPost 23

rrElite Veteran

Brick, NJ - USA

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Ok, I went back in and followed your intructions. Channel 5 in the Channel Display is now centered at 0 when the Gyro Sens in my Tx is at 0.

When I move the HGyro Sens up in the Tx to AVC 100%, it goes upto 100% in the Channel Display for Channel 5.

I set it for AVC 85% and it's all good.

That puts that to bed Thanks!

- Dan Goldstein
Team Revolectrix

11-25-2005 12:08 AM  12 years agoPost 24



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Problem solved.
I calibrate center by the REVO MIX menu in my 9CHP still on. After completed calibrate center and assign channels then I off the REVO MIX. Now it work.
I don't know why?
BTW many thanks for all of your instructions.

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