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Houston, TX

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I have got an X-spec/YS91. When I give forward or aft cyclic the tail will bounce (up and down) after the input is over. It will bounce for a few seconds then stop. I am using Carbon Extreme Dampners Version 2 (go through the main mast).

I have changed the dampners to harder and softer combination, but cannot get the bounce to stop. At higher head speeds it doesn't do it as much, I am running 1600, 1800, 1850 for head speeds.

I am looking for some suggestions on what it could be?

Thanks for your help.


10-10-2005 02:23 AM  12 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Long Island, N.Y.

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I would think dampening. You may want to try stiffer. I have the 80* dampers in my X-spec and have no bounce issues such as during tic-tocs or 4 point flips. I do have this issue on my Sceadu EVO 50. I installed the SD-G headblock which stiffens the dampening and it helped a little but did not eliminate it completely. I've been told the Carbon Extreme dampers eliminate this, and they are stiffer than what I'm running now, so it seems like stiffer should help.

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10-10-2005 09:20 AM  12 years agoPost 3


Borlänge, Sweden

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Hirobo 80´s is what Ive been using for a long time on my Freya and XSpec.
Works fine, feels much better than the CX´s (first version without adjustment options).

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