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Coeur D Alene ID.

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Heliproz ships to the east coast for free, but charged me $22 shipping on a set of mavrikk 600 blades. I called and got "oh Alaska don't count"
Even though UPS has ground service here like any other state. I am a thousand miles closer than the east coast. I spend hundreds sometimes thousands every year on Heli equipment. I think that is pretty chump and as a result, I wouldn't order from them on a bet. There a lot of hobby shops that Will ship to me for free, or at least make me a deal. And on top of that the kid on the phone was rude about it. I hope someone from Heliblowz sees this post.
Hey look my first post and it's a rant! I don't mean to disrespect. but they are not the beall endall of helicopters.
Ricks always makes me sweet deals and ships clear from TX. almost 4,000 miles away to me. Thank you Ron Lund, You have all my business

Jay Rimel. Jappa USA. Factory Pilot, Tech support. Quick of Japan Field rep. Owner, Flying Xtreme RC

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NE Pennsylvania

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I have used Heliproz and Rick's alot over the years and continue to recommend them to everyone. They both have excellent service and usually keep enough parts on hand to fill my needs. There, enough of the props to for the reality....

I've had been placing far less orders with Heliproz over the last year becuase of their shipping methods. There I said it...flame me if you wish. They are great to deal with but I hate it when I place an order on Monday and don't get it until the following Monday or Tuesday. Offering free shipping on orders over $100 is great...unless you live east of the Mississippi....then the benefit is completely lost for those customers (Heliproz is located in Montana). And before I pay them an extra $10.25 for expedited shipping, I will search elsewhere for a better deal. Rick's will ship my order USPS Priority for about $6.00 and I have it in 3-4 days. RCHeliworks now sells many of the parts I used to buy from Heliproz (like Mavrikk blades) and ships my order USPS Priority for $5.90 and it arrives in 2 days. Cableorganizer ships USPS Priority for $5.25 and it arrives in 2 days. Are you seeing a trend here.......

Heliproz is a fantastic vendor and I'm not bashing them at all.....but how an item is shipped is as important as the other things that draw me to a vendor. Let's face it...with the internet, loyalty to one vendor is not what it used to be. I am a demanding customer and it's my money....the vendor has to earn it. The list of vendors that offer exceptional customer service, adequate stock and ease of ordering is getting longer each day.

Someone posted earlier that if I kept more stock on hand I wouldn't need to be worried about the amount of time my order takes to arrive? What a load of crap....this is 2005, not 1980! While I do keep "high use" items on hand for those days when my thumbs and brain refuse to talk to each other ...I have no need to keep a storeroom of parts on hand or even be concerned whether I have a LHS nearby that stocks the parts. After-all, I have the internet and can find all the parts I could ever need within a few minutes of searching....I can then compare the prices and shipping methods, research customer satisfaction through any number of forums and place my order in the time it takes me to go into town for a gallon of milk.

There is no shortage of heli vendors out there and they all have to compete for MY business. Like I said earlier, Heliproz is a fantastic vendor and I continue to place orders from them....but only if the other "quicker" vendors are out-of-stock. My only complaint about them is the lack of acceptable shipping methods and I'm sure they will eventually get on the USPS bandwagon with everyone else.

Give me a couple of miutes to put on my flack jacket before you start blasting me for the post.

Cop: Sir, have you been drinking? Driver: Why? Is there a fat girl in my backseat?

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