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10-11-2005 04:37 PM  13 years agoPost 21


South Africa, Cape Town

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I'm feeling generous, so some free advice :-)

A 50 size nitroship.
I lean towards Raptors, taught myself to fly on one, only one boomstrike until I was into FF, then flameouts, radio interference and bad eyesight started eating away at my savings account !!!!

I did start on small electrics, spent more money on them, than all the spares for my Raptor until now, 'nuff said.

As for full size experience, ain't gonna help, sorry.

You can go the big electric route, probably cost you twice the price of a Raptor 50.
And it still is going to crash.

And, unfortunately, I'm not going to swear blind by a Sim, works for some, don't for others.
Start off with something like FMS, it's free, but has some of the same feel as it's expensive cousins.

Steer clear opf bundle packages that includes a radio.
Most of those transmitters are crap.


10-11-2005 05:54 PM  13 years agoPost 22

rrElite Veteran

Pasco,Washington Formerly: Captain Chaos

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Steer clear opf bundle packages that includes a radio.
Most of those transmitters are crap.
They are what they are and serve thier purpose sufficiently. These products are targeted towards the novice and the curious, not those already deep in the hobby spoiled by expensive and sophisticated equipment. These products give people a good taste of what this hobby is like without them having to empty thier bank accounts to find out. Plus these tiny versions are less intimidating to people and simplified for them by packaged sets.

My brother and I have both been flying rc since the 80s. But my brother has always been too intimidated by my nitro helis to give them a try. I have only been able to get him on the sticks of my nitros once. A couple years ago I picked up an fp piccolo for kicks because it was cheap. My brother was so impressed with it's simplicity and non-intimidating characteristcs that he went right out and bought one for himself. I was amazed at his sudden interest after all the years I've had a heli around. We upgraded them to lithium and had a blast flying them at the firehouse during the winter months.

Now my brother is looking to unload his piccolo and whats left of mine to get a Blade which is a step up with the simplicity of the same packaged deal as the piccolos. I'm sure he will never go nitro with helis and I'm preferring electrics myself. And I'll get to fly his Blade.

10-11-2005 06:52 PM  13 years agoPost 23


Mount Joy, PA

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Hell I spent nearly $800 on tools alone... -Steve

Steve - Mount Joy RC Club

10-12-2005 02:51 AM  13 years agoPost 24


South Georgia

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I'm up past a grand with my Evo 50.
It's big enough and sounds wicked with the 50 Hyper.
This is THE hobby to make you're brain work hard!!
Good rush and great to get out with the guys to fly.
Try the nitro first.
Go slow on a build, get XTR sim and practice.
I did the Aerofly sim about 6 months, XTR 2 months and also practiced with FS 2004 helis on the hard setting.
Can't say enough about how much fun
these things are.
But, they are frustrating at first, can't say I
didn't have some really bad days and thought about quitting.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Kind of a Unique newb question...
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