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Shanty Bay Ontario

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Newbe here, trying to understand Solidworks.
I am trying to generate a solid model, from a series of formers, that I can use to CNC a female mold on my homebuilt machine, and all I am getting is the same error message over and over:

"At least two sections (faces/sketches/curves/edges) are required to make an open loft. Three are required to make a closed loft. To create a solid body, these must all be closed."

Now, the training course I was sent on by my former employer didn't cover lofting as the company didn't/doesn't use that function, and while the SWOffice training manual does cover lofts, it doesn't explain the error messages too well.

Presumably, this is a really simple error that has been causing me untold amounts of grief, but do you think I can solve it?
Not a chance.

Which leads me here, to cry "HELP"
If anyone here has a suggestion, (well, other than telling me to go....... ) I'm all ears.


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Greg McFadden

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Richland, WA

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chances are one of the sketch sections has one of the following:

lines that do not form a closed contour. I.E. a circle is a closed contour, an arc is not. an arc with a line connecting the two endpoints is closed.

You have a closed contour, but there are extra lines that are not set as construction geometry (shown as dashed lines)

you have overlapping lines in your contour.


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If this SW lofting problem is still causing you grief then you can email the file to me and I will try to help you out.


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Rochester, Michigan

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could you take a screen shot of what your trying to do. That would help. And also make sure you email Ramster Design, hes helped me out with a lot of my SW problems.

will wash your heli for a quarter

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HomeAircraftHelicopterCAD - Engineering - Technical › Solidworks lofting
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