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05-07-2005 07:30 PM  13 years agoPost 1


anaheim ca.

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HAY HOW MENY of YOU would be interested in a 400 size ECCPM MICRO from QUICK WW.....?

I was in fromt of my Home this morning Flying my TREX-450 up the Street and back, if any of you have one of these little Birds you know how nice thay can Fly, but even as good as this heli can fly it will take a ECCPM conversion and a hole lot of bling to Bring it to the QUICK STANDARD of QUALITY.

So what if thay mad one, say with a carbon frame ECCPM,all Auminium Head, carbon boom, all aluminium tail, case carbon landing gear.

WHAT would you be willing to pay for one?


ask and you may receive!!

05-08-2005 11:50 AM  13 years agoPost 2


Katy, TX USA

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Quick Micro Heli
I think between $400.00 and $500.00 is VERY reasonable. I have that much invested in mine and then some, I'm sure. Thing is, I DON'T have a TOTALLY blinged out T-Rex. I'm not yet an experienced pilot so to "BUY" and "REPLACE" all of my OEM parts with "BLING" would be unnecesssary for me right now. BUT, if there was a "BLINGED" out kit already available, we'd all have an excuse to spend some more $$$ and get it from the start! I'm sure it would be a precision heli so whether a Novice like me or a young pro like everybody BUT me, one could get the most heli for the $$$ and not have to worry about what upgrades to get this month. What color "BLING" to get would be the hardest question. Heck, I've already got the electronix for another Micro only because I bought spares for my T-Rex and I'm sure many other pilots out there have the same. Irwin, are ya HEARING US? lol

Sergeant of Marines

It's better to have flown and crashed than to never to have flown at all.

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05-09-2005 07:42 PM  13 years agoPost 3
Quick Worldwide

rrKey Veteran

Coopersburg, PA

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Hi Sarg,

I am hearing you loud & clear Sarg. Right now we have the Little Quickie 8 flying 3D with ourstanding perfomance with 10-11 minutes full power flights.

Right now I am working on getting a new BIG BIRD designed for 680-710MM blades. As a business man I need to consider many options before we go ahead & produce helicopters & other products.

We think about the FAI market because this is our objective....We want a BIG BIRD EP..We already have a 60/90 nitro that we need to get our there for review any Chuck..

Now there are many plastic toy type micro's in the marketplace now.
This is not our market....we want the customer who is looking for performance & quality beyond the T-rex. There we have 4 EP machines for every one's power desire with performance beyond nitro.

I have studied the T-rex & I think for what they are, they are terrific....Granted for what they are...In the world of manufacturing there retail cost should be under 100.00 bucks.

Any one interested we have on phone in deal now on any EP packages ....we want to show the market there are other choices bewtween toys & high priced plastic....

Think Quick think Quality...Call me 610 282 4811 ask for Chuck, Jon or Irwin...wE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

I will be leaving for China in 3 days as we have a show in Shanghai next weekend. While I am away it will be great to hear any inquires as it keep be on line from China.....

Thanks Guys ...irwin

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