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Logansport, IN

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Hello everyone.

I just bought a Shogun 400. I was wandering what I should outfit it with. I was thinking of the Hitec Opti 6 for the transmitter. I really don't know what servos to get or reciever or motor. I would like to go with a brushless motor. I will have a total of about 500.00 to 600.00 to set it up. I want to get the right stuff now so I do not have to purchase a lot of upgrades later and I don't want to buy something I don't need. I will be viewing some other posts for some more info but ant help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



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rrKey Veteran

Sussex , New Brunswick , Canada

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Fill in that profile !! If you are looking to get advice here it would be nice to know if you are 8 or in a vaccum or in the ocean...LOL...c'mon it's not like the little bit of info it takes to fill in a profile is invading your space.. Profiles help to get even better answers sometimes...anyways... Sounds like you have a nice electric heli and I hope you have a great time with the hobby

You may want to check out some of the electric threads...literally everything you need to know about that heli is there on a search...but sometimes it's nice to get specific questions answered..right

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Sherwood, Arkansas

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Set Up Info
You should get a lot of different replies for this question, but here is what has worked the best for me... for the motor... use the 400dh (see mine flying in the Jet Ranger fuselage)
Castle Creations Pheonix 35 ESC
HS 56 servos all the way around (4)
Futaba 240 gyro
Hub Dave belt drive conversion for the tail
depending on your radio which receiver, but not GWS
TP 1320 3s2p lipo

This has been a fully reliable system with not so much as a bolt coming loose in over 12 -15 hours of flying.... now it is resting up while I fly the nitro birds....

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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