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Recently, three men, one 25, one 35 and one 45 interviewed for a position with the CIA as a covert operator. It was requested that each man bring his wife with him for participation in the interviewing process.

Prior to the beginning of the interviews, each man's wife was placed in a private room by herself.

The interviews began with the 25 year old. At the beginning of his interview the 25 year old was handed a pistol with a silencer and told to go into the room and kill his wife. He walked into the room and a few minutes later returned, saying, "I can't do this...I love her too much." The interview was concluded and the man and his wife left.

The 35 year old man was next and the same thing was requested of him, as he was handed the silenced pistol. He, too, entered the room and, a short time later, came back out saying he too loved his wife too much to kill her.

Next, it was the 45 year old's turn. Same scenario...he was handed the silenced pistol and enter the room with his wife and kill her. Taking the pistol he opened the door to the room, entered and pulled the door shut behind him. As the interviewer listened, he heard several rapid-fire shots, then the sounds of a violent struggle. Hearing the struggle, the interviewer quickly entered the room to find the man, disheveled and sweating and the woman, obviously dead, on the floor. When the interviewer asked the 45 year old what the hell had happened, the man, still breathless replied, "some dumb SOB put blanks in the gun, so I had to choke her to death."

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aaaa LOL


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I think I'll aply for that job

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05-05-2005 02:25 AM  13 years agoPost 4
Ted Toth

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I would go if I could take my Mother-In-Law with me..


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