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05-08-2005 12:03 AM  13 years agoPost 141



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simon the judging was spot on,dont get me wrong.
it was the way the format got changed ,without any notice
other people have picked up on this,i now the format is nothing to do
with you
by the way guys i was not competing,only watching

05-08-2005 12:21 AM  13 years agoPost 142



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I dont think so !!!!!

Thanks to phil844 give him a round of applause i think he desrves it
Cheers mate you are obviosly a top dude maybe you can organise your own competition for thease guys next year ?

Big it up for Phil844

Thank you to all the guys who put in a lot of hard work and thanks to the sponsors and the guys who came and Ejoyed competing in freindly surroundings its just a shame it cant go on

Best Regards Biggen


05-08-2005 12:28 AM  13 years agoPost 143


Northamptonshire UK

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05-08-2005 12:40 AM  13 years agoPost 144


Manchester , UK

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I dont think so !!!!!

Yo Biggen, I hope this was a joke pal, you pulled off a great comp, and i think i can speak for all your helpers, In saying that your vision of a clubman comp was a great success and should go on.

There wil always be people that put these kind of events down, but that one can only assume is because they did`nt think of it first .

Anyway Biggen, you get my vote for the sleepless night you had putting the Clubman 3D on the map and speaking for the others again i will be behind you for the next one.

Clubman 3D lives on and so it should.

05-08-2005 12:42 AM  13 years agoPost 145


Derby, England

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Well it is a great shame that the event is being pulled to bit as it. We are so good at knocking things, without thinking of the consequences. I really didn’t want to write this post but it is clear that some feel the whole event was a con and a fix !!

Having now been involved in an event such as this from all angles, as a Spectator, Competitor, Organiser and Judge. I can frankly say what a thankless job it is organizing an event like this, after seeing the sort of feedback I am seeing in this thread. Given recent experiences I now have even more respect for Jeff and the 3D Masters team.

As Phil844 has become the spokesman on the issue, I shall direct my comments that way.

Anyway, back to the issues in hand.

1. Addition of final round fly-off

Phil844, despite your disbelieving nature and clearly in-depth research, as you have clearly spoken to all the competitors, judges and organizers ??? who WERE sent an email before the competition stating that an extra final 5 fly-off may take place. At the time of the email, it was just an option:
As with all these types of events, all times are approximate. Depending on
how the day goes, we may decide to have a fly off, with the top 5 for
Maybe some of the competitors didn't see the email sent to them, there could be MANY reasons why not.

At that time we didn’t know how the day would go, we could only estimate how the event would go.

A week before the event we had some 22 competitors on our books. However, for various reasons, we ended up with 15 competitors. This meant that on the day the competition went much quicker than we would have liked. To fill the day and give the event a better climax it was decided to add a final round fly-off. This was after discussion with the other judges and other event organizers.

THE FINAL DECISION TO HAVE A FINAL 5 FLY-OFF WAS DOWN TO ME, as the organizer of the actual Clubman 3D Competition side of the whole event.

It never crossed my mind that this would give Bruce ‘another chance’, as it has been put. As the decision was made before the scores of the Freestyle round had been finalised.
is it standard practice to add an extra round when your club mate crashes his heli to give him another chance.
I would also like to point out at this stage that I am not a clubmate of Bruce or any other of the competitors. Neither are John or Simon, my fellow judges. Checkout my profile and you will see that this couldn’t be anymore further from the truth.

Anyone that knows me well, knows I have a serious passion for this hobby. I became deeply involved with Clubman 3D because I felt it was an event that could do so much for UK Heliflying in general, not just 3D. A fun competition for club flyers.

2. The second issue seems to be scoring.
dude the weekend was great, it was just ashame it looks like delboy rigged it,we only want a fair comp.
Well I can’t quite believe what I am seeing here.

The judging was carried out by myself and 2 other gents, that have a hell of a lot of respect in our little helicopter community . To see this really makes me sad. These guys have gone out there way to support this event, only to have their reputations questions.

The scoring method and system, was again developed by myself and another well respected member of our little community.

There are MANY different ways we could have judged and scored the event. So much so that I am sure we could have worked it so that any of the competitors won.

For the final result for the top 5 we followed the example of other 3D competitions. In that the first 2 rounds determined the top 5. We decided the fly-off would be a repeat of the Freestyle round (more exciting to watch for the spectators and judges). And then that the final result for the Top 5 would be determined by the combined result of the Fly-off round and the first Set Round only.

This is the way we decided to do it. I do not see a problem with this scoring method at all. Can I say anything more ??

Just incase you forgot,
I would also like to point out at this stage that I am not a clubmate of Bruce or any other of the competitors………Checkout my profile and you will see that this couldn’t be anymore further from the truth.
It shows the power of RR I guess, we are all entitled to express our opinion. Unfortunately the attack on the event, its organizers, judges etc has left me feeling well……..hmm……..well……… you can guess.

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve with all your comments. But be assured your comments have been heard.

ATM I can only think of one VERY SIMPLE way to avoid the same thing happening again.

And it seems during the time I have written my reply, that my fellow event organizer has come to a similar solution.


I don’t think there is much more to say for the moment



05-08-2005 12:54 AM  13 years agoPost 146


160ft off the deck 10ft from 400,000 volts - U.K.

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Goole fly in

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