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Oswestry, Shropshire. UK

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Hello all,

Been havin a few problems last two days, just wonderin if i'm going the right direction with it.

Started out as an awful transition from hover, and sometimes during a slow descent it almost didn't pick up again when coming into a hover. I played around with my throttle curve a little and wasn't any happier so started to adjust the main needle thinking it was running a little rich. I've run 3 gallons through this and havn't leaned it out any since running it in (5% coolpower). After making a right botch of it i ended up leaning it out too much (cranckcase was very hot) and had a flame out at one point. Searched runryder for initial OS37 settings (can't find engine booklet) and went back to that (main - 1.5 turns out) and (idle-screw head level with throttle body then 1 turn in).

I run 0deg centre stick and when spooling up the engine wouldn't accellerate over half stick. I followed the pinch test to sort out the idle adjustment (pinch fuel line,withinin 3 secs engine should speed up) and leaned the main needle 2 clicks at a time until engine would speed up smoothly. Guess i'm a fraction over 1 whole turn out on main now. Engine ran well and crankcase could be touched for a few seconds after landing without burning finger, also plenty of smoke present during flight. After refuelling though and engine had cooled a little it was a dog to start and idle was a little rough. Again during spool up it would bog down, but after about 1 minute it seemed to clear and ran fine.

Do i need to recheck the idle mixture setting? Is the bottom end too rich??

Any advice greatly received,


04-03-2005 11:07 PM  13 years agoPost 2
Ted Toth

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Myrtle Beach S.C.

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In hover and therefore in transition the low and high
needle work together
so I would lean out the low end [ slotted screw ] first go slow here
a small turn at a time test adjust if necessary

after a lean run the engine does not start and run 100% I generally replace the plug just in case


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04-04-2005 04:31 AM  13 years agoPost 3


Cedar Rapids, IA

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OS 37 SZH manual here:

Factory needle settings on pages 17 and 18.

Adjustment procedure starts on page 21.


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