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04-01-2005 04:48 AM  13 years agoPost 1


Panama City, Fl.

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Looking to put together my first real heli. (EF Sabre don't count)
Are the motors listed too much for a beginner?

Mega 16/15/3 or an Aon 35
TP 3 cell 2100 mAH
Phoenix 32 or CC 35
HItec HS56 all around.
Gyro- 240
Berg 6 or Hitec6
Ball-link upgrade
120 deg. swash plate?

Also should I upgrade the new Align arms and Main rotor housing set?

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04-01-2005 06:15 AM  13 years agoPost 2



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If this is your first Heli... I'd suggest that you play with it stock.. You'd be surprised.. I'm also a newbie too and it's overwhelming..

I had the same thought in getting goodies though..

- Mega 16/15/3 or an Aon 35 <-- I have Mega 16/15/3, but currently practicing on an Align 400SF 2800KV. Just in case I forget turning off my motor after a crash I won't be burning a damn expensive motor.. besides I'm a beginner.. The AON looks good though!
- TP 3 cell 2100 mAH <-- This is a good buy, I bought 2.
- CC Phoenix 35 <-- The way to go
- HItec HS56 all around. <-- Yup, good choice.. Though some like me use an HS-50 for the tail
- Gyro- 240 <-- Good choice
- Berg 6 or Hitec6 <-- They have good reviews, I use Hitec6 no problems with it yet. I did shortened my antenna by attachning a MAP micro antenna
- Ball-link upgrade <-- The new version are already good. Maybe you'd want to get those "ball link control upgrade" for the servos.. so you do away with the z bends.
- 120 deg. swash plate? <-- You plan on going CCPM, they say they work better.. No comments on this one. But I have the Microheli Swash V2 and it works great

Add on:
I suggest getting a "First Aid Kit", spare "Landing gear set" and "Main rotor shaft". I crashed mine on the second day I broke the landing gear and dinged the main shaft.. Saves you the hassle in getting them later on..

Hope this helps..

04-01-2005 08:54 AM  13 years agoPost 3


New Jersey Shore

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I`d go with the hitec 6 for now. Berg was bought out by Castle creations so the crystals are getting tough to find.

How did THAT get in there?

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Other › Too much motor?
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