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03-30-2005 03:59 AM  13 years agoPost 1


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Its a 1 year old Hirobo Shuttle with just about everything, used only like 3 times, for $250. Sound like a good deal?


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03-30-2005 04:13 AM  13 years agoPost 2


San Diego, CA

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It's really hard to say...It is a pretty good deal, but if you have never flown one before, you will probably be better off spending a little more money and getting one that is set up right. A heli that is set up right is a lot easier to fly than a heli that may be off just a bit. I would find out more about this one, like what kind of gyro does it have, what shape is the motor in, what kind of motor does it have? If you spend between $500- $600, you could get a great flying heli that will not only last forever (minus any mishaps) but it will be upgradable too..Most important though, if you truly have never flown before, which I don't know if you have, then you may be best off spending $180 for a fact that is exactly what I would do, then buy a heli....hope this helps...

03-30-2005 04:19 AM  13 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran


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yeh thats not a bad price since you are getting all the stuff with it. read ray's book thouroghly 3 times at least! make sure the motor hasn't rusted from sitting also. i paid 160.00 for a nib hawksport then the eng was another 140.00 starter-30.00 gyro 150.00 -radio 300.00 it all adds up don't it? yeh i would jump on that! ken

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03-30-2005 06:13 AM  13 years agoPost 4


Morgantown, WV

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That seems like a really good deal, if everything is in good condition as he says. I bought a Shuttle ZX 13 years ago and it has been flying great ... right up until the latest crash last fall. It would still fly if I take the time to repair it. Lots of replacement and upgrade parts available.

You better hurry if you want it. It looks like he's turned it into an auction ... the "high bid" is at his original asking price now and he hasn't sold it.


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03-30-2005 06:24 AM  13 years agoPost 5

rrKey Veteran

Phoenix AZ

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Man do not look for a good deal look for a good heli. If you want to get into this Hobby do it right or dont do it at all.
First start with a sim if you like
Then go to youre local field find the heli guys
Find a good radio( no BS on Ebay).
Then go with something you think you might like do the research
Then go to the proz or Ricks Period.
If you want to make the this fun "Do it Right" do not look for the good deal it will bit you in the A$$. Trust Me

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › What do you guys think about this one for a newbie?
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