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Southern California

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I have purchased several items from Hirobonut268's ebay store (Andy Yu), including two Futaba 601/9251 combo's. Andy provides great prices & service...BUT...

It appears that one of the 9251 servos is glitching on the tail of my XSpec. I mentioned to Scooterpilot that I was going to send it in to Futaba for checking/service. I was informed that it was probably considered "grey market" goods from Hirobonut because he purchases his products from Hong Kong and would not be covered by Futaba's warranty.

I contacted Futaba & they confirmed this. I was in the dark about this "grey market" issue. I would have rather spent a few extra bucks & have been covered by warranty service.

I'm sure that most people are already aware of this situation, but I was not.

In the future, I will assess whether a warranty will be worth a few extra bucks. Hirobonut provides excellent prices & service as long as you do not care about a warranty, though.

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rrElite Veteran

Key Largo FL

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Send it in anyway, they track the serial numbers of the gyros, but I am not so sure of the servos (did they address that when you called?)

This used to be a really big deal when the 401/9253's could be had for $100 less overseas. We should all thank the grey marketers because eventually Futaba and the distributers dropped their price to match, and now the price here is $190 for the set, an unbeatable value.

Even if out of warranty, Futaba service has always done an excellent job for me fixing up my stuff at allways less than I expected to pay. So send it in anyway and ask for a quote if repairs exceed $X

BTW, I hear the 601's optimum gain setting is 37%.

keepin' it real

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