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Have any Caliber 30 owners had problems with boom strikes. I am a relativly new pilot and want to try a few rolls and flips this spring. I have read on the general disscussion section about a lot of Raptor owners having boom strikes. A contributing factor was the way the Raptor was designed, the main blades are below the flybar which puts the blades closer to the boom, making a boom strike possible in certain flying situations.

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west of ireland

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ya it was happening to me
not boom cut off but blades scrapping on the boom,damaging the blades.
I was lucky i extended the boom suports so the horizontal fin was deflecting the blades. ie the blades were scrapping against the fin
this only happened when piro flipping,when the 30 engine boged down
I have a nice video of it occuring ( clank bang clunk bang)
so the heli was not destroyed
I shimmed up the dampners.
that almost cured the problem

and now i am putting in a fifty

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Cedar Rapids, IA

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The Caliber 30 hasn't been known to woof and poof in mid air. I've not read of it happening here on RR and you can rest assured, if it's a bad habit a heli has, you'll hear about it here!

You'll get boom strikes on hard landings (happens with most helis).

The Raptor is well known -- especially the V1 - for reintroducing a whole new generation to the woof and poof that originated with the early Shuttle helis in the 1980s.

The Raptor V2 appears to have solved some ot their issues.


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San Diego, CA

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Yea, the Caliber doesnt get boomstrikes very easily.

If you wanna be on the safe side, get the harder dampeners for it. It'll make the heli more agressive as well. Shouldnt cost more than a few $$s.

My Caliber flew with the stock dampeners all its life though (and still does), and I never had a problem.


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I've done flips with the OS32 and the stock woodies, I never had a problem. Goverened at 1750 never noticed any dings or nicks, and never heard anything abnormal in the air.

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