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03-29-2005 01:55 PM  13 years agoPost 21



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Gotta love these threads, they always go this way!!


Probably the most common combo you will find on this forum is the Raptor 50V2 + Futaba9C

Its a good value for money combo and will take you far. I'm not saying you should always follow the herd, but still.

You might save $100 now by buying cheap but you'll spend $500 later trying to upgrade, so if you have the money then do it properly first time round. Many of us have burnt our fingers in this department.

Best of luck

03-29-2005 05:02 PM  13 years agoPost 22

rrKey Veteran

Southern, California

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which one

I've flown both the R-30, Evo 30 and their 50's.

Someone else mentioned, check with the locals and see what they fly. Then check on parts availability. That's the best approach.

Both are good models. IMO, the Evo is a better built model. There is less flashing to clean up on the Evo, the clutch and clutch bell is of a better design that the Raptor and bearing seem to be of a higher quality. Again I'm not saying Raptors are bad, I'm trying to be objective and tell you the good and bad points

The Raptors flip and tumble better than the Evo. The Evo flies like it's on rails and is not pitchy. The Evo is much more stable in hover than a Raptor. A Raptor is a little cheaper to repair than an Evo and that amount is very marginal.

I'd go with a 50 to start with and not a 30. The difference in cost is very, very small and you won't have to upgrade. A 50 will take you though basis flying and far into advanced 3D

Just my 2 cents

Two G-4's & X50's YS60SR,Futaba 18SZ/12Z/14FG, ,Rail Blades Rep

03-29-2005 05:26 PM  13 years agoPost 23
John Krebs


Pittsburgh, PA

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I try not to think, that way I don't have to worry about getting a bad idea!

Raptor or Sceadu EVO, both good. I have been flying a Raptor 50 for a couple of years now and I currently building a Sceadu. From a contruction/design stand point there are things I love and hate about both. I haven't flown the Sceadu yet but most of the guys I fly with do and they all love it.


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