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Minneapolis, MN

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I have had a problem with pitching on my Fury since I bought it. It only pitches when the heli is being rolled while going backwards. As soon as it gets inverted the tail goes up and continues to go up with each roll until the heli has completely lost backwards momentum. I can adjust for this pitchyness but I would rather not. I have flown other furys that don't have this problem so what is wrong with mine? I checked the CG initially and found it nose heavy so I have done some things to correct that. It now balances with a just under a half a tank. Here is my setup:

700mm gamma blades
V paddles with no weights
1:1 mixing ratio on the bell mixers
YS80 with KSJ muffler
9202's on ail, elev, pitch
GY502 on tail w/9253


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Fort Mill, SC

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Jayman, not sure if this is the cause of your problem.

But on my Fury I noticed the stock ball links had a slight side to side play in them. And a couple even had a slight loose play to them. I replaced them all with RC-city links that I got from Rick's and the head, swash, bell mixers, etc. all have a tighter feel to them now (less slop).

Today was the first time I flew it with the new links on, and it did fly better I must say. I did not do any backwards rolls like you are talking about, but it did foreward rolls superbly. Everything seemed straighter and tighter. Just a thought.

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rrElite Veteran

Tallahassee, Florida US

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Difficult to diagnose
It's really difficult to diagnose stuff like this over the internet but I'll give you a couple of suggestions. If the model is climbing while traveling back wards inverted, the model has back cyclic trim in it. Usually this is the result of a nose heavy model that requires back trim in forward flight to hold the nose up. That is my best guess as to what is happeneing but there are a couple of other things that CAN affect this. I do not fly V paddles but paddles can make a difference. The size and position of the horizontal fin does also effect trim in flight. I took the fin off my sport Fury to help with this.
Hope this helps.

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rrKey Veteran

Stow,Oh- oops, I mean St Louis, nope Stow again,

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There are a whole lot of variable why it does this. Mine does it on the 700 Gammas as well. It does it a whole lot less with SAB 710s. If you have a 9Z, you can put some swash mix in at a -4 or so. You can also put a p-mix to add forward when you pull the stick to negative pitch. This is where it happens.

When/if you change blades, you will have to adjust your mixes because it will change. Each blade has its own weird little tendencies. This is one of the weird little things that the Gammas do.


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