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07-21-2002 11:05 PM  16 years agoPost 1


Livngston Calif.

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New to the industry. still in training pants. using a Harobo shuttle Z as trainer but looking at a 60 size for the future and know nothing about what I am looking at.

Horizion 60 helicopter ... no other name available.
Jr Radio... T/R
Futaba Gyro
5 Futaba Servo's
60 size Gold Cup engine

decent price for the helicopter and equipment but it looks like this might be an older helicopter but unbelievably clean. Most every size 60 I have looked at is over $800.00. entire engine is shrouded. has a three blade cooling fan attached just aft (towards engine) of the starter cone. Has an electronic box mounted in nose for radio receiver, battery.
any one out there having experience with this "horizion 60 size" helicopter that can shed any light on its worthiness????? would muchappreciate hearing from you.

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07-30-2002 05:27 AM  16 years agoPost 2
Wild Turkey


Bethlehem, PA

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First, realize a 60 size heli is a BIG jump from the Shuttle you are flying now - in performance, speed, and most importantly cost.

Have you considered maybe going to the Sceadu 50? Alot cheaper to run, to fuel, to repair, to upgrade than a 60 - but offers fantastic performance in a slightly smaller package.

If you are hell bent on a 60 - then I would suggest either:

1) Hirobo Freya
2) Raptor 60

The Freya is a great 60 size heli - I own one. Flies very nice, loops well, flies inverted well - but Im not happy with the way it rolls. If it crashes, a really bad crash will cost about $125 to $150 (not including blades).

The Raptor 60 is a good heli too - I have never flown one - but I heard its ok. Parts are cheap and building I heard was easy.

If money is an issue - go with the Raptor 60 - but if you can swing it - the Freya is a MUCH better heli.

As for the engine & electronics - you can go with the following:

(1) YS STII 60 engine ($200)
(1) KSJ muffler ($130)
(1) 8 ch receiver (Futaba or JR - whatever radio brand you have)
(4) Futaba 9202 servos ($50 each)
(1) Futaba GY401 HH Gyro with 9253 digital tail servo ($200)
(1) JR 2700 maH battery ($35)

The above will get any 60 size heli in the air - nicely - without too big of a pricetag.

Good Luck!

Wild Turkey

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07-30-2002 05:35 AM  16 years agoPost 3
Secret Squirrel

rrKey Veteran

New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia

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The Horizon is extinct, stay away from it. Get a more popular heli, like Turkey says, a 50 is a good idea.


Simon Lockington

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