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Palo Alto, CA

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Will a delay setting of > zero increase the lifetime of your 9253? I can go up to 50% without seeing a performance decrease.

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Redmond WA USA

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what delay is all about
Other gyros I've had (CSM, Arcamax) have called this same parameter "acceleration," rather than delay, but Futaba wanted to be different.*

Yeah, I'd bet that increasing the delay would make life easier for the servo. But the difference is probably negligible, so don't worry about it.

The biggest difference you'll see from adjusting the delay parameter comes when you're stopping fast pirouettes, or just giving quick stabs with the rudder stick. Set the delay to zero, hover tail-in at eye level, and poke the rudder stick to each side, letting the stick 'snap' back to center as quickly as possible. With the delay set too low (and 0% is probably too low for most cases), you'll see a bounce when you center the rudder. The gyro tries to stop the yaw immediately, but the heli overshoots a little bit, and then snaps back into place. If the delay is way too low, you might see a little back-and-forth before it settles down.

Turn up the delay until this bounce goes away. Or start with lots of delay, and turn it down until you see bounce, then turn it back up a hair - sorta like you do with gain, but you're shooting for a lower number, rather than a higher number. With gyros that call this parameter by its proper name ("acceleration") you'll be aiming for a higher number, just like with gain.

The goal is to get the acceleration parameter as high as possible without causing the system to oscillate (bounce) when you start or stop a rapid yaw movement. Regular gain should be set to stop the system from oscillating in a steady state (like hovering), but delay can be used to fine-tune the transitions between yawing and not yawing (or vice-versa). Best performance comes when you get both parameters dialed in.

If you've been running the delay at zero, you might try adding a little bit of gain after you raise the delay. I haven't noticed much difference here with my Futaba gyros, but my Arcamax PI Pro was able to run more gain after I turned down the acceleration a bit ("turned up the delay" in Futabaspeak). I'm curious if other folks are able to run more gain after turning up the delay a bit. Theoretically I'm pretty sure you should be able to run a little bit more gain, but in practice the difference may be negligible.

Nate Waddoups
Redmond WA USA

* That's kind of annoying, because acceleration is measured in degrees per second per second, so you have an objective number that you can work with and compare between gyros, even between gyros of different brands. Delay is expressed as a percentage of some arbitrary baseline, so it's completely useless as an objective criteria - you can't compare it from one gyro to the next, even between two gyros from Futaba. I guess Futaba felt a need to dumb it down though.

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