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07-19-2002 02:46 AM  16 years agoPost 1


Royal Oak, Michigan

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I just picked up a G460T gyro to use in a Hawk SE that will be used as the mechanics for my Century 30 Airwolf model.

I worked through the instructions and set up the heli on the bench using the JR instructions ....... because I want to use the gear switch for the retracts I wanted to us the AUX2 (rudder dual rates switch) channel to set the gain .......

So per the instruction sheet .......
Rudder ATV's set to 150
Link ball at 18mm out on tail servo horn
dual rate values 50% and 50% for initial testing

The tail slider moves the right way with stick input and when you pick up the heli and test the gyro dirrection ........

Here is my problem - when I arrived at the field and turned on the tail servo was going crazy !!! I pulled off all the connectors and re routed the wires and it settled down .........

Then I tried to hover in normal mode - I set the gain anywhere from 20% to 80% and the heli just threw it self around on the ground violently in no particular rotation !!!!

I when over it again with a couple of guys at the field and we could find no obvious problems .........

We think that the G460T might not like the rest of the electrics on the Hawk ...... it has a Hitec supreme dual conversion RX and a Hitec 525 servo on the tail .........

This heli flies great with my old Century PG2000 gyro on it ???

Any ideas ????

Both guys that were at the field with me have had problems with JR servo set up ........ one of them has a 550 that he has never been able to use and the other had to change to PCM to get his JR gyro to work !!!

07-19-2002 07:09 AM  16 years agoPost 2


Port Orchard, Washington

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Send it in...
The 460 I had worked fine for about 10 tanks then did the exact same thing! It would setup fine on the bench. I would start the heli walk out and by the time I walked back to spool up it was doing the washing machine routine!
Horizon sent me a brand new one so I guess the other was broken. I didn't try it just sold it as I had bought a 401 instead.
BTW I had the same tail servo in mine and used it with the 401 sensor with no problems so I don't think it is the servo. I am also using a DAD rx no problems there either.

Jason Stiffey
Fly Fast....Live Slow...

07-19-2002 11:18 AM  16 years agoPost 3


Royal Oak, Michigan

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JR Gyro
So far I really don't like this gyro ..........

I think it is crazy having a manual switch on the gyro for normal to HH and then have remote gain ....... I really don't know what JR were thinking?

I should have just got another 401/9253 combo ............. I have one on my Venture and I am very happy with that!

I saw my buddies 550T doing the same thing on his Nexus ........ he went and got a 401 and it works great !!!


I am going to try it on the gear channel this weekend and if it is still the same I guess it is going back to Horizon ..........

07-19-2002 11:29 AM  16 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran

Creve Coeur IL. (Peoria Area)

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I put one in my Logo 10 and it's excellent. The holding power seems very well. I fly it in HH, I had to reduce the arm length to 16 mm and the gain is at 70%. Very light compact unit that fits in the electric with ease. Sorry your having problems.


07-19-2002 04:27 PM  16 years agoPost 5


NorthEast UK, Newcastle

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all I can say is I have 1 with a nes810g superservo and it works superbly. full power climbs wont shift the tail 1 inch. I use all JR radio gear so maybe it doesn't like mix and match.

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07-19-2002 05:00 PM  16 years agoPost 6


SW Missouri

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I too have had good luck with my 460T.

Using a 4131 servo on tail and JR 9 channel FM.

One thing I don't like was mentioned in a previous post. Not switchable from the transmitter between normal and HH. Remote gain so why not this as well? Still doing forward flight and nose in so this hasn't affected me as yet so I fly with it in normal mode. But I see the benefits of it being switchable between the two.

I think my next gyro will be the 401. Have heard nothing but poitive on this one.


Evo 90 OS C-Spec 91 w/OMI Mod
Evo 50 OS Hyper 50
JR 9303
Wildcat Fuel

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Help with G460T gyro set up ?
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