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07-18-2002 06:20 AM  16 years agoPost 1


Palm Beach , Fl + Hereford , UK

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I have a shuttle Z-TS. Can anyone suggest any upgrades for the Shuttle that make a substantial difference to the perfomance of the heli. Ok fire away......

07-18-2002 06:45 AM  16 years agoPost 2



My Posts: All  Forum  Topic have a few Quick UK and their own Shuttle Upgrade parts. Things like the Swashplate and washout base would be worth considering.

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07-18-2002 11:21 AM  16 years agoPost 3


London, England

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I had a shuttle with a futaba 148 on pitch and I reckoned the
servo was stalling on the high load parts of manouvers. I
was about to upgrade it. A couple of weeks later I got
a new pitch servo and upgraded the rest of the shuttle
airframe with a sceadu now it flies much nicer


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07-18-2002 12:33 PM  16 years agoPost 4


Windsor, UK

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Erm, won't let me delete this.....

07-18-2002 12:41 PM  16 years agoPost 5


Windsor, UK

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Hi Johnny,

I'm not sure what changes if any you have made to your Shuttle as yet but here are the list of bits i have upgraded and what i think to them:-

550mm NHP Razor carbon blades (£40) - VV Good, rides the wind far better, slightly quieter than wood blades and the model flies much better

Sceadu 30 Zimmerman Pipe (£60) - Much quieter, more power, engine more responsive, worth the money

NHP External Tail pushrod kit (£20), Tail much more responsive, easier to adjust, well worth doing

Removed all the Z bends from the servo control linkages, Rocket city ball links (£4 for 10) K&S Ball's and screws (£7 for 10) pack of servo horns (£3) i made the rods myself from std aero rods threaded on one end, cut to length and then threaded the other end myself (12 rods £2.50) M2 Die&stock (£37) but i'll never have to buy a rod again. This vastly improved the control responses by eliminating all the slop that the Z bends induce and makes the model much nicer to fly.

High capacity Nicad for the Heli, 1400 mah (£16) longer flying time\number of flights per session

Voltspy (£12), makes no difference to the flying but gives you a good idea of how much battery is left in the Heli. I had a Shuttle ZX about 10 years ago and it's demise was caused by a dead pack, once you have seen your heli take off on it's own and reverse loop into the ground from 200ft you won't take the risk of another pack going flat.

Quick UK Carbon horizontal and vertical fins (£16) Make absolutely no difference but they look nice

The order i would do these U\G's is as follows :-

1, High Capacity Nicad and Voltspy
2, Get rid of the Z bends
3, External pushrod kit
4, Carbon Blades
5, Zimmerman Pipe

These are purely what i have done to my heli having taken advice from more experienced guys at the club but i believe they are all worth doing. I would also be interested in seeing what other people have done to their Shuttles.



07-18-2002 04:26 PM  16 years agoPost 6


Houston Texas @ JSC field

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shuttle upgrades
I brought both of my shuttles up to zxx standerds then added a lot of colorful parts. The flybar control improvement was one of the most important as I would break the stock one by carring the heli from one place to another. The one that will please you the most is a good muffler replacement. Go with hatori or zimmerman as they work great.

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07-18-2002 05:11 PM  16 years agoPost 7


Northern Hemisphere Ont.

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Shuttle Upgrades
I know you may not want to hear this, but it will cost you more to upgrade your used Shuttle then it will to purchase a more current design new.

I learned on a Shuttle and always had a soft spot in my heart for it. Consequently I have upgraded it to somewhere between the expensive RG and the less expensive ZXX. Unfortunately I have spent three times more on it then what it cost me for a new Hawk SE which outflys it, is less maintenance, is less expensive to repair, has a better clutch system, has a better rotor head, has a better tail rotor, comes with better mainblades (Fiberglass/Graphite composite) etc. etc.

Now my expensive Shuttle just sits in my workshop as I never fly it anymore and the price I could get for it is nowhere near what I have invested into it, so it is very difficult to sell.

To just bring the Shuttle closer to the standard of the Hawk SE, here is an example of what one would have to purchase:
1 - Fiberglass blades - $60.00
2 - Full metal swashplate - $70.00
3 - Rotor head with 6mm spindle and thrust bearings - Not Available for the Shuttle, but estimated cost would be - $100.00
4 - Full bearings everywhere - $40.00
5 - Metal ball joints on the servo arms - $15.00
6 - Triple bearing tail rotor - $45.00
7 - Swashplate radius control - $20.00
8 - Servo frame stiffeners (to keep the Shuttle servo frames from flexing under load which the Hawk servo frame does not do) - $30.00
Just these 8 items add up to more ($380) then the price of a new Century Hawk SE ($329). In fact you can do the same comparison with just the Hawk IV with the $20.00 bearing upgrade (only $240) and find the
1- swashplate (ZXX) - $50.00
2- Rotor head - $85.00
3- Full bearings - $40.00
4-Servo frame stiffener - $30.00
5- One piece CNC machined muffler - $40.00
Just these add up to ($245) more then a new Hawk IV with the bearing upgrade.

Even assuming that you could sell your Z-TS to someone for only $100.00, when you apply that against the purchase of the Hawk SE or the IV, the deal makes even more sense.

I am using the Hawk as an example here because I have found them to be the best value on todays market, but rather then going the upgrade root on your Shuttle, you would be well advised to sell it and use the money towards any of the more modern helis. If you insist on staying with Hirobo, then you could do a similar comparison with the Sceado 30.

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07-18-2002 05:33 PM  16 years agoPost 8
Gary Jenkins

rrElite Veteran

Nowhere, US

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Sceadu 30
Simplest upgrade is a Sceadu 30 and if you need more power get a Sceadu 50. I have a ZXX and a Sceadu 50 and the shuttle Z series is a good learner but for 3D it s**ks.

07-18-2002 10:21 PM  16 years agoPost 9


Houston Texas @ JSC field

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I disagree with almost everything above except cost. To upgrade to the point i have on one of mine cost about 320.00 american dollars. But I like the shuttle zxx and the way it flies so I spent the money. I already have all the others except century products and I have seen to many pieces of crap with that name on it to bother.

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