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nitro lite machine 110
What do you thing of this machine for a beginner. I'm looking to buy my first one and my budget is not very high. This one is cheap and I could use my airplane's equipment.
Is it good or will I waste my money.

Any suggestion is welcome


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This one is cheap and I could use my airplane's equipment.
You have just named two advantages that most people take in their decision! Seems like a great heli, but can only go up or down with the power of the engine, so it doesn't have collective pitch. Other than that, seems to me it's a very durable helicopter.

I think it is great as a first heli, but it won't do stuff like inverted flight, will do loops a little harder, etc, because it has fixed pitch.

BTW, when you say "gas lite machine 110" remember that the fuel really is a mixture, with a large percentage of nitromethane and oil. so it is a "nitro" helicopter.... gas is for gasoline helis, which are very expensive compared to the LMH110.

Anybody else wanna add some stuff?

what ever you buy, you will be happy with it.

Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

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If you really are serious about moving into to helis, i would give the lite machine a miss and buy cheap variable pitch 30 sized heli. Something like a Raptor or a Sceadu.

I have seen these things fly and they are great for thrashing about but you will want more after a relatively short time.


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I wouldn't recomend it for a first heli. I did end up starting with the lite machines 110 and soon got very frustrated. The heli is descent but the engines are a real pain to keep running. ( I had a v max 6 and 7 which both sucked). Good thing about it is you dont have to worry about crashing although its nice to keep it flying. I must have crashed mine about 100 time while learning and it still flys to this day. I did give up on it during my learning stage and got my self a shuttle and then a raptor. Those two helis where very reliable easy to keep up and fly 100 times better than my 110. And if you get a 30 sized heli you wont realy grow out of it, I still use my raptor to screw around with while im not flyin my new freya ( Freyas' Rocks!).

After you learn to fly then is the time to go back to those smaller helis.
They are small but it doesnt mean they are easy. They need to be set up perfect to fly smoothly unlike a bigger heli can be slittly off and still fly good.

good luck

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Fair Hill Maryland

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With the Lite Machines it depends on your learning situation. If you have help (experienced flyer) available I would not do the Lite Machines. As the other fellows said it is somewhat harder to fly as it doesn't have collective.

If you are going it alone I would go with the Lite Machines Corona 120 electric. I have had both the nitro version and the electric, both fly about the same but the nitro engine is touchy. This helicopter allowed me to learn to fly by myself. It has great assembly instructions and a seperate book is included on how to fly helis. Really nice. It can really take a crash. I have flown mine several times into the evergreen tree in my yard just to prove to people how tough this thing is. I have been flying for 2 years and last week was the first time I ever saw another rc heli pilot in person.

Once I moved to a 30 size heli I realize how much easier they are to fly with collective pitch, but crashes will cost you about $50, where as the lite machines can usually be picked up placed on the skids and flown.

Hope this helps,

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