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07-17-2002 02:20 AM  16 years agoPost 1
Donald D.


Central Wisconsin

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I was flying my Falcon 50 a few nights back practicing inverted flight. On the fifth flight, I rolled to inverted and the engine quit. [Fuel line pulled off the carb fitting]. In a desperate move I flipped back to right side up and tried to auto, but must have burned off the rotor speed because I hit the ground on the skids but pretty hard. I was amazed to see the Hurricane blades were not damaged. After looking them over with a magnifying glass, I can't even find a scratch on them. What should I be looking for on these blades as a sign of damage? I landed squarely on the skids, and the tail boom bent down, so the blades did not strike the boom. The main and feathering shafts are bent, but only slightly. The lower frame and skids are damaged, but the upper half of the frame is O.K. I have only run woodies up to this year, and am wondering if I am missing something or can I use these blades again?

07-17-2002 02:45 AM  16 years agoPost 2
Inspector Fuzz

rrKey Veteran


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No Strikes???
I am pretty cautious about blades, but if you didn't hit anything and there are no visible damage marks on the blades, I think you are OK..
From what I have see, a lot of "weird physics" goes on in a helicopter crash.. Sometimes stuff is mangled like we could'nt imagine, other times stuff survives that you would think should have broken.. I have heard of people who landed inverted from an auto (flame-out in low inverted hover) with V-blades and had them survive.. If the blade did'nt strike anything, it is usually OK.. I have bent axles and feathering shafts without harming the blades, so it is possible.. I accept no responsibility if they blow up.. Sometimes they do for no reason at all...

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07-17-2002 02:54 AM  16 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Valparaiso IN. USA

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For FRP and CF mains take it in your hand at the tip while still mounted and give it a good twist back and forth and look the trailing edge over for splits. The LE usually dosent split except in a BAD crash, ive destroyed enough FRP and CF to know believe me.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterCentury Radikal G20-30 N640 Hawk Predator › Carbon Fiber Blade Question
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