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07-16-2002 08:08 PM  16 years agoPost 1
Vigor CS 91


Lincoln NE

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OS .91
KSJ 2p Muffler
30% Fuel
2 Gallon Break-in

During Break-in I hardly could wait to really put the 91 through its motions and start hitting some hard 3D with my new Vigor - Right away I started to notice that the KSJ muffler likes to spin around and around. Not a real big deal just a bit uncomforting.
As I started to tune the needles I started to notice that the Vigor started in to a tail vibration that had me very worried. Worried for good cause as screws and bolts started to back out and fall off. Going just a click or two leaner makes the 91 very mad so I backed off going to the rich side, only about 6 clicks and it smokes like a chimney. I don’t have as much power as I do closer to lean but the vibration is not as bad.
I have ordered a new shim and a new Zimmermann Pipe and hope to try these out in the up coming week. After talking to other people that have the same set up, and who have tried to shim and have changed to 15%, they still stay they have not seen a change.
I am wonder who else has this problem with the Vigor / 91 and what they have done to fix it - I DONT EVEN WANT TO FLY right now and this is very disconcerting - I love to fly and wish now that I had a Nova with an OS 61 -

Please if anyone has any feed back I would sure love to hear it -

07-16-2002 09:09 PM  16 years agoPost 2
Secret Squirrel

rrKey Veteran

New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia

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I've got a CS with a 91 in it. I run it on 10% and haven't noticed any of the vibrations you speak of unless it's running lean, and like you said, it gets real mad if you run it lean.

I've found they run smoothest when they're running rich as.

There has been talk of detonation in 91's running high nitro fuel. Try running 10-15%. All the 91's round here run 10% great.


Simon Lockington

07-16-2002 10:15 PM  16 years agoPost 3


Clifton, NJ

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I am also running the 91 in a Vigor std . Right now it seems to be fine w/o the vibrations that you speak of BUT I do notice the needles are sensitave. What I ended up doing was at a FF this past weekend Bruce Bennet helped me tune it . He ended up giving me a Enya 4 and helped retune the needles . This seemed to help BUT he suggested to place a piece of balsa inside the fan shroud in front of the head to direct more air over the engine head . I have not done this yet but plan on it soon .
My original set up was the 91 with a enya 3 using 30% cool power and the KSJ muffler . Others have changed to cool power 20 % with good results on a enya 3 . Try either and see what you like

07-17-2002 03:58 AM  16 years agoPost 4


Hong Kong

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My 91 runs on CP15%, OS8 plug and Hatori 90 muffler in a Eagle. High and low end needles are sensitive so I am putting in a mixture servo this weekend. The gear ratio is 7.75 to 1.

So far the machine flies great.



P.S. I cut the fan shroud to expose the head and make two holes on the sides of the canopy to aid cooling. Engine runs ok in hot weather (33 Celsius).

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