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07-16-2002 05:24 PM  16 years agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

Perry, GA

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I have an Enya SS35 that it about 10 years old. It has been in its box all this time until I finally installed it in an old Shuttle about 8 months ago. About six months later, I transferred it to a new Shuttle Plus.

It has always been perfectly reliable; it always starts easily and has never flamed out. Like all of my engines (2 and 4-stroke), I run Cool Power Pro Pattern 20/20 fuel in it. I'd guess it has in the neighborhood of 10 gallons through it. I've always used an OS #8 glow plug in it. I run the mixture just lean enough so that no raw fuel comes out the exhaust (usually about 1 3/4 turns on the main needle). But if I richen it a few clicks, raw fuel will come out.

I usually start off my first flight of the day by shooting a few autorotations (just in case). Yesterday, about 1 minute into the first flight of the day I set up for an auto. About halfway down the engine quit. Very strange. I ended up dorking the landing and finishing my day (bummer). Anyway, when I got home and starting tearing everything down to assess the damage, the engine didn't seem right. So I pulled it and found it would not rotate through bottom dead center. I took it apart and found a very small piece of metal trash in the crankcase - it was about the size of a few grains of sand. When I removed the cylinder head, I was shocked to see hundreds of tiny pits in the top of the piston and inside of the combustion chamber. It looks as if somebody took a centerpunch and went to town on it.

My first thought was that the trash in the engine had done it. But then I thought that to be unlikely - if some trash did get into the cylinder, it would've been blown out the exhaust and not been around long enough to do all that damage.

Anybody know what this is?

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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I'll sell you my enya .35 piston and cylinder if its the right kind


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07-17-2002 08:01 PM  16 years agoPost 3


Corona, CA

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In personal watercrafts I know that is caused by detonation. Not sure if it is the same with these little motors.

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HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterEngines Plugs Mufflers Fuel › Enya SS35 Severe Pitting
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