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07-15-2002 11:27 PM  16 years agoPost 1



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I can do flips, rolls, inverted stationary, loops, piruettes, what supouse I have to learn now?

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07-15-2002 11:32 PM  16 years agoPost 2
Secret Squirrel

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New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia

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Inverted forward flight, upright backwards flight, sideways etc.

Simon Lockington

07-15-2002 11:39 PM  16 years agoPost 3


Enterprise, AL

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You can do them... can you do them when only YOU want too?

Can you do them low?

Can you do them smoothly?

Can you do them slowly (some of the pertiest flying is some low - 10 foot or so inverted flight, and I mean nice and slow, small gental turns where the speed is real constant - not as easy as it sounds)

Can you transition from one to the other smoothly as if you were doing a whole choreographed routine?

Oh, and what about autorotations? There is alot you can do here, straight in, 180 degree auto's, inverted autos....

07-16-2002 06:52 AM  16 years agoPost 4


Redmond WA USA

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Try ______ figure-8s, then ______ circles... and try the circles both clockwise and counterclockwise. Fill in the blank with:

upright forward
upright backward
inverted forward
inverted backward
upright, moving left
upright, right
inverted left
inverted right

(Then tighten up those circles in each orientation until the circles look like funnels.)

Constant pirouetting is almost like an orientation in itself. Any maneuver that can be done upright, inverted, etc, can also be done in constant pirouettes. Start by doing constant slow piros over one spot, then start moving it around... This stuff has been tying my brain in knots for a couple seasons now.

Work on pirouetting slowly - like 4 seconds for a piro, over the same spot. Then do constant piros over one spot. How many can you do before you have to stop and recover? Simulator practice is wonder for this kind of thing.

When you can do them long enough to get bored of them, start moving the heli back and forth between two locations - imagine two spots on the ground 30 feet apart, and move back and forth between them. Then circuits, and circles, and "stall turns" and so on.

Then start over, inverted...

07-16-2002 01:31 PM  16 years agoPost 5



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Thanks guys
Right now I can make piruetting 8, circles and circuits, I think I will try with the stall turns and after that some loops, always piruetting.
Also I can make sideway loops and flips.


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