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07-15-2002 03:10 PM  16 years agoPost 1
Ford Rollo


Surprise, AZ

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Any reason I shouldn't use 9202's on my new Fury Expert?



07-15-2002 04:46 PM  16 years agoPost 2
Steve Campbell

rrElite Veteran

Baton Rouge, LA

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None whatsoever, Ford. A couple of guys around here are doing just that.

But I gotta tell ya; once you try digitals, you won't be happy with less (assuming your ship has the integral precision necessary; you're still flying a Schluter, right? And that Fury will definitely show the difference).

I've been putting off trying them due to the unfortunate track record of JR digitals, so when I got a 9Z I said "Now is the time." Man; what a difference. I think the return to exact center is what makes them "feel" so good. Even a 9202 or 4131/8101 is going to wander some over the course of a flight. These 9252s go back to dead-center, EVERY time you release an input.

Yeah, they're expensive; and they suck juice. But just get a bigger battery. I'm running four 9252s plus a 3401 on throttle in a sport aerobatic plank that is exceptionally "groovy" and stable. It has the incredible stability of a well set-up pattern plane, yet will get downright ignorant on high rates... It's the most enjoyable plank I've ever owned. Dunno if it is the airplane or the servos; a combination of both, probably.

I'm using a 2300mAh sub-C nicad pack, and still have some battery left after four 10-minute flights. It would need a charge after the fifth one, I'm sure.

I'm in the process of installing three 9252s (cyclics & collective) and a 9253 (tail) in the X-Cell, again with a 3401 on throttle. I'm figuring perhaps three 10-12 minute flights with the 2400mAh nicad I'll be using before starting to worry about how much battery is left.

This is probably a lot more than you wanted to hear, but I'm impressed...


07-15-2002 07:22 PM  16 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Houston, TX

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While on the subject.....
I have 3 9252s and 1 9253 on my 50 ship. My Raptor 60 has 4 8411s and one 9253. Well, I get 12 flights on my 50 and 10 on the 60. What am I using?

2700 mah , 4.8v NIMH Sanyo "A" size pack.

Check out HeliHut for them for $25! The only down side is you need a good charger like the SuperNova. But heh, come on gotta have a good one sooner or later if you are actually gonna fly the thing for more than 4-5 tanks in a day! At least that was the problem I was having until I got the nickel metals.

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07-16-2002 03:07 AM  16 years agoPost 4


Mount Dora , Florida

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Hi Ford,
I'm running 9202's in my Fury Expert w/ YS Kick Butt 80 w/o a problem. Just make sure that you have NO Binding!! You will be happy with them if you are a stick banger, 3D guy or just putting around, but for precision...I'd go for the 9252's as previously mentioned.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMiniature Aircraft Whiplash & Fury 55 › 9202's on Fury Expert CCPM?
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