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Get this guys... I went to a few stores and I noticed Energizer is making NIMH batteries. We all know Energizer and Duracell! Well... I noticed that Energizer is making a 2500mah AA. I've seen them in 1850, 2300 and 2500. Well I went to Walmart looking for different places who carry them... I found an 8 pack of 2500mah AA for $17.98! They seem to be well made. My question is... Are these suitable for making packs out of? I don't have an Analyzer... However, If these are legit, then WHAT A DEAL. Is there anything that makes these different? I would assume that the reason the RC industry doesn't sell them in that capacity, at that price is because Energizer is a huge Corporation. That and they're trying to compete in the Digital Camera market with other battery manufacturers. Which makes them have the ability to market, manufacture and put these out in such a large capacity at that price. What do you guys think? I've actually already bought an eight pack and put them in my 9303 Transmitter. I used an Transmitter battery case and changed the lead to a JR. Seems to be working awesome. Just a little nervous to use on the Receiver until I get a Cycler.

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Surrey, BC, Canada

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I have not used them in the heli, but I also race cars. I race a car called an Iwaver. it is 1/24 scale. I use aaa's. I bought a set and tried them and they are awesome batteries. my run times have doubled and I am even with a much more expensive car running more expensive batteries in a straight line with same motors. has all the punch of the sony he was using. (and I had better run time with my 850 mah)

I then bought a couple sets of the aa's for my sisters portable cd mp3 player. she can kill a set of rechargeables in a day ez. first charge it went 3 days of long hours of play. I am definately sold

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