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12-12-2004 12:42 AM  13 years agoPost 1

rrElite Veteran

Granville, OH

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Hey you PC gamers out there,

A number of years ago I had an absolute blast playing a game called Day of Defeat. Other than the cheaters, it just had me hooked like no other game did before it. Now I'm looking for something along the same lines to mess with in between my G2 practice sessions

I think I've narrowed it down to these three........Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and BF1942. Which one would be the best to go with? I should point out my PC is approaching dinosaur age (1.8mhz Intel, 640mb RAM, 64mb GeForce 3 Ti200 card) so I can't go with some of the newest and greatest games out there. If you recommend one of the 3 I've listed, could you indicate why?



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Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are both very similar WWll FSP's. They are both excellent games. Call of Duty is one of the best sellers this year. The graphics and gameplay are excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. If I recall, they both require some heavy duty computing power to run effectively. If you like first person shooters, you'll like these games.

12-12-2004 03:52 AM  13 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Bay Area, California

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get battle feild 1942.

its simply the best game...sadly, it isnt much for single player...but let me tell you, online is AMAZING...and there are NO cheaters. you need to get a update for it, doing that downloads a programme called 'PunkBuster" which auto kicks people who are cheating, etc....Plus, when you buy BattleFeild 1942, you can download Desert Combat...lets get ac10's, c130's,Apaches, Black hawks, tanks, EVERYTHING basicly, you get just about everything the US Military uses...You might be thinking Desert Combat, and the updates(called patches) are not free...well, they are. So, buy the cheapest battle feild 1942 and update it, and play....It blows Call Of Duty, and Medal of Honor out of the water....You will NOT be dissapointed with it. Just buy yourself a joystick with throttle, and rudder on it and you will spend many many hours on it..

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anyway i can download BF1942 for free ?? when playing online does it need some kind of CD-keys or serial numbers ? are the patches free ?
ahh so many questions im thinking of getting a copied version(illegal verson) of BF1942 i just dont want to buy the real one cuz th price difference for example illegal one is about 200 baht( thai currency) and the real one is about 600-700 baht i could use the 500 to buy myself other games

Oh..shiiieeettt !!!

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