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I was looking in Model Aviation and as looking at the Top Gun or something, or in the Heliocpter section and I saw something about how a helicopter has to have a flybar, and cannot have a non-scale flybar or anything.

For, example, Peter Wales Lama has no flybars whatsoever (at least the one in the 2003 Top Gun of Model Aviation)...It just had three blades. And also in that same issue, there was a guy that had a Scale Bell Jet Ranger that just had two blades but no flybars at all.

Not that that's out of the way, I'm just wondering how cyclic (with I do believe the flybars help control) or any moving whatsoever is affected by not having a flybar.



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Well, you need to do a bit of study on helicopter control. A lot has to do with how the dynamics of control scale. The early machines Made by Hiller had just a fly bar (servo paddle) and other than being "slow" handling in hover (and powerful in FF) it worked just fine. Around the same time Arthur Young Tried just about everything (and built some remote control models which were controlled by push pull wires) to try different designs. he found that direct control mixed through a weighted fly bar with velocity damping gave smooth powerful control and was incorporated in the Bell 47. When Dieter Shluter developed the first RC Jet ranger he used the same basic setup (but without the velocity damping) it hovered great but In FFF it would "lock into a steep turn and that was it. He came up with the "Beller" control scheme we see today. rather that being damped with dampers it is driven by a Hiller input. and it works great. But the scale guys want a scale head and that makes for some interesting flying characteristics. Hover is no problem but in FFF the cyclic is extremely powerful and as the speed rises the pitch up tendency can overpower the heli. to handle this with skill alone can be done but it is no fun. Lately gyros act just like the fly bar and help tame the beast. I am sure others will chime in but this is a quick lesson.

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check out these websites
If you want to understand it? Click on these links!

These are so good I downloaded them and made a binder for reference!



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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › How much less effective is a helicopter without a flybar
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