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12-09-2004 07:31 PM  13 years agoPost 1


Annapolis MD

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i have a very low time futura with a ys 61st2 in it and i am considering changing to a ys 80. I have very little time because i have run into a bit of engine problems and electronic problems. Anyway i want more power and was thinking about converting to a ys 80. What do i need to do in order for the machine to run good?(gear ratio) Can i use the hatori ys61 muffler on the 80? Should i just put a 91 in it? I am flying mild 3d now but hope in the future to get better at it.

oh, what clutch bell should i use for the right gear ratio,

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12-10-2004 10:04 AM  13 years agoPost 2


PARIS France

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Hi dave,

I think the best way is to fit directly a ys91 and not a ys80. I explain why. There is only few difference regarding weight and size. You need same qte fuel for a 91 than for a 80 and the power is more in a 91. Personnaly I have bought to 80 in the past and continue to fly with these but I think the 91 is the best way today even with few nitro.

burn fuel

12-10-2004 10:24 AM  13 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Belgium , Europe

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Gerard is right, i wil just add something
you have to consider using carbon frames, because the shake of the YS 80 or 91 is much stronger.
the Carbons can absorb the vibrations much better.

Alex (Formerly Known as RCMarket )

12-10-2004 12:57 PM  13 years agoPost 4


New England

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the 80 is not in production so consider that.

when I added an 80 to my Futura a few years ago,
I shaved down the engine mount a few mm's,
added the long belt & belt tensioner and HD
clutch. I used whatever bell gives 8.18 (25?)
(204.4 / bell = final ratio)

12-28-2004 12:23 AM  13 years agoPost 5


Oslo, Norway

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I used to have a YS80 in my Futura SE. I used to fly mild 3D and I found that just changing the clutch bell worked great for me. I changed the gearing to approx. 8.45, sorry but I don't remember the clutch bell teeth number. In addition to changing the clutch bell I made 3 mm shims from a aluminium plate. And I used the original shims to do the fine adjustment. I also changed the bolts to a longer set.

I also put on a set of 71 cm SAB mains and 105 mm tailblades. But the machine will run great with 68 cm, but you will not get the nice autoperformance you get with the 71 cm.

I also used the original clunk and no header tank. No futher upgrades was required!

This setup also worked great when I upgraded to the YS90!

Good luck, you have a great machine!


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HomeAircraftHelicopterRobbe Cuatro - Millennium - Nova - Dyna-X › futura change to ys 80? gear ratio
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