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langhorne, pa

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hi guys--i just recieved a mp2 and am wondering what to expect when I install it---I know there is an increase in power but will i have to richen my needle?--ive only used mufflers before and never tuned pipes.---or will i have to change my throttle curve.......thanks.....joe

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rrElite Veteran


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WOW !!
I had to enrichen to two turns out, also, I had to bring down both my throttle and pitch curve quite a bit!, this thing generated "Stupid" amounts of power!!, I ended up selling it, cause it was too much for my skill level, I put my TT muffler back on, which is just fine for me!........

12-09-2004 12:15 AM  13 years agoPost 3
Greg Faust


Northern VA, USA

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yes, yes and yes. It is a good idea to richen the needles and then lean again as necessary for proper tune so you don't run the risk of running lean. You will experience an increase in performance once then engine is up to speed, and you will have to richen your throttle curve. With a fully tuned pipe you adjust your throttle curve to keep the engine running rich enough to not burn up, think of it as the fuel curve rather than the throttle curve. With a semi-tuned pipe like the MP2 this is somewhat true but not totally true, it's kind of half way between the muffler and the fully tuned pipe. The MP2 is a very popular pipe for a reason, i'm sure you'll like it. Good Luck.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › os .32 and mp2
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