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West Milford NJ

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I have a sport 500 w/ collective that i am going to try to get to fly one more time. i want to learn to hover and forward flight and then i am giving up on this model.
could i use my older 5 channel futaba heli radio and gyro and build a raptor 30 ? the radio has 5 servos , throttle, collective,cyclic controls, and tail rotor. the gyro needs to be adjusted on the helicoptor. it also has throttle up and idle up. please help with any info.

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Your radio gear will not work as good as some of the newer gear but to answer your question, Yes, it will work! Your best bet is to try and find some help locally. A good flying heli starts with a good setup. I have seen lots of people about ready to give up and finally they get help from someone with experience setting up their heli to fly and they then learn that it is not near as hard as they were making it. A friend with a good simulator is a great thing to have also.
Good Luck and Hope This Helps!


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uk.(north london)

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your 5 channel radio will work ,
but you will not be able to set up a modern heli to its best potential as modern radios use channel 6 for pitch which can then be set up independantly of throttle with the pitch and throttle curves
hope this helps,


12-09-2004 01:40 AM  13 years agoPost 4


Ft. Myers, Fl.

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It can be done if youtry.
would you believe in 1982 I won a Heli-Boy 40 at as a worker at a contest. I couldn't afford to buy any other radio, so i put my Futaba 6 channel radio to work with it. After trying to figure out the mechanical mixer, that I never got to work, I hooked the collective to my flap servo. I flew it by adjusting in as much "flap" collective as I thought I needed and added power. After a few adjustments, if flew great. I could land by reducing power, or collective. It was generally a step down of each a little at a time. I later used this same setup on a Shuttle and it also flew great. A bit awkward compard to todays radios, but I tried it, until I worked it. When you think of it, real choppers are flown the same basic way, Good luck and remember, the radio really doesn't know what you put it into. By the way. After forgetting to turn the gyro on several times, but flying just fine without it, I sold it.

Let them that don't want to work for it, rejoice in not getting any.

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