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12-07-2004 12:34 AM  13 years agoPost 1

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St. Petersburg, Florida

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hey guys, i might be in luck! i got a call from a the way, he said someone told him about us but didnt remember who. anyone here?

anyway he wants me to travel 200 miles and take some photos of the beach....he said it was for planning purposed and possibly for marketing afterwards.

he then told me he wanted to purchase the copyrights for up to 50 images! now, ive never sold the copyrights before so i told him id get back to him with an estimate. he asked me if it would be in the $100 per image range. now i realize this is low, but id hate to loose the job by bidding to high.

anyway, would this be reasonable? the fact is, if i kept the copyrights i probably would not ever resell any of the images as i am not marketing that side of things....

guys here have been very helpfull with this kinda stuff....any advice here?

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Vancouver, B.C.

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This brings up a question,What happens when you sell the copyrights to pics?. At that point the customer owns all rights to use of said pics. Then say you go back to the same location and shoot again, maybe nearly identical framing. Are you free and clear to use/sell the pictures/copyright again ?


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I have had this exact argument with other photographers. Many of these guys miss out on opportunities because they get too freaked out about reproduction rights. You need to place a value on your photos, and also on your skills to get those images with your heli.

The bottom line is if they are not marketable shots, meaning 'stock' type photos that can bring you additional income, then by all means go for it. That is a good job.

Now if you go back and do another shoot of the place, those are new photos taken at a different time and are yours to sell freely.

I would just make sure you also retain reproduction rights so you could use them for marketing your work.

12-07-2004 06:27 AM  13 years agoPost 4


Port Orchard, Washington

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Mike is right..
That is a sizeable amount of images and a ton of work.

However I think like Mike if the job has no value to you as a future image and just for portfolio work then go for it.
I tend to think that no matter what the images are yours to sell.
It is purely professional courtesy to NOT sell and image if the client has requested and paid for the right to use it exclusively.
It is up to you to make enough money off that image to not have to sell it again.
That doesn't mean you cannont sell that image down the road after the client has "used it up" so to speak, but you will need to keep the client informed and aware that is your intention.
I think in a court of law the battle will be hard either way so just be respectfull of the client. If you have an opportunity to sell an image they paid for then get them involved. Maybe if they make a buck off of it also they will not get bent out of shape and you will keep a client.

I would ad in expenses though to the cost of the job.

It also sounds like this developer has worked with a professional photographer before.
To shoot out a price suggests he has an idea what this kind of work is worth.

You have a choice here IMO.
Take the money and run, enjoy the paycheck and use it as a learning experience to base future jobs on or....
Use this as a model to get your pricing in line with the market.
Remember whatever you do this is a client that will probably come back to you after you do a great job.
So what you charge today will be what you have to charge tomorrow or down the road.

I would feel him out for a "top end" then come down.

Remember he sought you out not the other way around...Ball is in your court now.

Good luck.

Jason Stiffey
Fly Fast....Live Slow...

12-07-2004 05:26 PM  13 years agoPost 5


vancouver b.c. Canada

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I Agree with HELI-JACK.

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