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I have an Eolo pro with brushless/lipo set up. I have just begun to go inverted, but when I give full back elevator and go inverted, I need some left cyclic to stop the machine tilting over. I am advised that the phase of the head is not spot on so as full back cyclic must also be giving slight right cyclic. Can anyone advise on this setting? At present, the phase setting is exact to the blades i.e. with the swash plate perfectly aligned, the blades are in line with the fuselage. I am told that they might need to be either slightly advanced or slightly retarded to cure this.....any ideas and by how much???

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Assuming all your Transmitter settings settings are correct and servos level at mid stick and pushrod lengths correct etc. etc.

One thing that occured to me was that if part no. S5042 was rotated slightly on the main shaft, this would change the action of the swash. Even if the swashplate was operating correctly. I.e. if the pushrods are not vertical, it would give this effect. It could also be used to make minor adjustments.

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