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11-06-2004 05:59 PM  13 years agoPost 1


Santa Clara, Ca

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I'm thinking of getting 9252's for my R50 (concept being that I will get the best now rather than upgrading later...) I will only run three of them, using an analog on the throttle but another digital on the tail.

I just read that Jason K was getting only 3-4 flights from a 1700mah pack with a similar setup?!?

I would need to get extra batteries, or a BIG battery to spend the day at the field with this setup. ( I do have a field charger...)

I'm not good enough yet that the 9252 are "needed" however I am working toward's this. I'm "enrolled" in the accuracy of these servo's, but I'm not yet sure that I will notice the difference.

I'm way past hover, and will probably be a "stick banger" once I get past being a "heli bouncer" (hehe!)

I would like to stick with nicads if possible, rather than Lipo's and/or voltage reg's. Again, I'm not yet sure that the payoff with offset the cost.

I keep bouncing back and forth between a top of the line servo setup or just getting some cheap hs545's, or maybe 9202's, and spending the rest on fuel...

any suggestions?

ps... I'm also still flying a 501 gyro... do I need to upgrade this too?
(sorry about the multi theme'd post...)

11-06-2004 07:08 PM  13 years agoPost 2


So. Daytona, FL

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What servos are you using now?

The 9202 servos are excellent for the R50, but are a little slow at .26 sec. Smooth, adequate centering, plenty of power, and lasts a long time. Not too expensive. These are what I'm using in my R50 now.

The 9252s cost a good bit more, but are well worth it. Very smooth and powerful, with excellent centering. I'm using these in my R90.

Depending on the servos you're using now, I suspect you'd see a big difference if you went to 9252s.

The Hitec HS-545 servo will operate fine for a while, but I found that the centering suffers very quickly. After a couple months, they get pretty sloppy. The first indication of this is that the hover trim changes constantly. Lift off, trim it, fly around, come back to hover, and find that the trim is way different.

As for batteries, everyone will have a different opinion. 1800-2000 mah, 4 cell NICD pack will do fine. Top off with the field charger every other flight if you go with 9252s. You'll likely find that you're taking around 350-450ma out of the pack on each flight with the 9252s, a little less if you go with 9202s. (This is just a guess; it will vary depending on how much stick banging you do. )

Don't know about your 501 gyro.


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11-06-2004 09:16 PM  13 years agoPost 3
Dr Lodge

rrElite Veteran

Guildford, Surrey - UK

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If you really need a big battery you could use a 3300 NiMH pack - same cells as the sub-c power packs.

Vibe 90, Vibe 50, Vigor CS x2,
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11-07-2004 01:23 AM  13 years agoPost 4


Bonney Lake, WA

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I have 9252s on my Cali 30 and Raptor 60, they are great servos but yes they do eat up your battery. I run 1700mah Nicads and get three flights per charge. I prefer this over using a heavier battery, as charging doesn't take too long and after three flights I'm ready for a short break anyway. Have fun with those servos, they are great for helis.


Ryan Winslow
X-Spec, EVO 50

11-07-2004 02:31 AM  13 years agoPost 5
Bill Ludwig


Tucson, AZ

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I'm running a 2700 NiMh pack which gives six flights safely with all digitals. It's a AA size pack - in my opinion, the 3300 NiCd sub-C packs are jut too heavy for a Rap 50.

11-07-2004 03:06 AM  13 years agoPost 6

rrKey Veteran

no where land

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duralite makes a .50 size set up


11-07-2004 03:22 AM  13 years agoPost 7


ny,dutches county

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I have 9252's everywhereon my EVO50 plus GV1 and 401 with 2000 nimh hydeamax from tower.I get 4 flights and futaba checker still shows 5v.

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