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11-02-2004 12:44 AM  13 years agoPost 1


Austin,TX South Buda

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My hawk flew great today I had to redo my curves I am running a tt39 and weston pipe on 30%. I have not setup my idle up yet but will now. Hope to post some pics/videos of inverted flight for you guys. I need a lot of practic at it. I did a tail mode from some searches here. I took the plastic guides and bought a larger wire and larger copper guide I had to drill out the guides. also had to file down the wire for both sides. I used a angel grinder/file. The tail is very strong now and has tones of athority. Thanks Richard

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11-29-2004 08:44 PM  13 years agoPost 2


Grande Prairie, Alberta-Canada

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The Hawk Sport is my first heli, after flying planks and getting tired of chasing them, with no sim and no "pros" nearby I was able to hover within an hour. I LOVE this thing easy to put together and smooth as silk.
After realising the most I could do was hover I got Realflight G2 and am starting to work on ff.
Will setup for some light aerobatics once I can fly a

MY next heli WILL be the Predator Gasser..........

11-29-2004 11:59 PM  13 years agoPost 3


Vancouver - Canada

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In my opinion it pays to drive a couple of hours to seek assistance. Try to find somebody around that would put your heli on ff before you try it yourself. Also, it is great to have somebody commenting on the first time you're doing something new.

I flew planes for 25 years before I took a heli on, and the first time my heli went for more than 100 feet away from me I freaked out!

You sort of get used to having the heli hovering close to you and when you get see it from far it feels very strange. JUST DON'T PANICK. TRUST YOUR SKILLS AND YOU'LL BE ALRIGHT!

If you're coming to Vancouver I'll be happy to buddy-box with you.


It's easy to find an excuse to do wrong. Hard is not to find an excuse to do right.

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