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10-22-2004 06:25 PM  13 years agoPost 1


Douglasville, Georgia

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I've been using 30% nitro fuel since I started flying. (Cool Power and more recently Wildcat).

Just wanted to get some opinions on what to expect if I switch to 15% nitro. I've goit an OS 37, OS50, and JR IMZ 50.

For those of you that have used both (30% & 15%), what is the upside (other than cost) to using 15%. How much of a power hit am I going to get?

Reason for wanting to switch is I recently switched from Cool Power to Wildcat 30% and love it (seems easier to get the engines tuned, needles more forgiving, ALOT less smoke, same power), but no one seems to stock it locally anymore (or are having trouble getting it in stock), but they all have the 15%. Saving $7 per gallon would be nice too!

Engine Gurus...enlighten me please.

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10-22-2004 07:39 PM  13 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran


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I've just recently moved from 15% Coolpower to 30% Magnum and love it, 15% was OK, smoke was OK as was power in my Mille with OS 61 WC but my fury with OS 70 seemed a little down on power. Switch to magnum as it was getting really good reports and thought i'd try some, tried a tank of 30% at a fly-in and moved traight on the stuff, the heli's have come to life since moving onto 30% magnum, the power is superb, the enignes run really cool and the price i pay for 30% it is about the same as the price i was paying for 15% CP!!
It smokes a little bit more and there is a little bit more oil residue left on the model but i love the smoke trial and as for the extra oil, i know the engine is getting enough so that is just excess!!

I have even had people ask me what fuel i am using because of the cool smoke trial and they want that in there helis!!! strange but true!!!

MAGNUM 30%!!! Great stuff!!!


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10-22-2004 09:53 PM  13 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Phoenix, AZ

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I Started with CP 15% in my O.S 50 and I couldn't get it to run consistantly. I moved to 30% and It works great.

I would expect you'll see a drop in power by switching to 15%.


10-23-2004 01:36 PM  13 years agoPost 4


Henderson, NV / Laguna Niguel, CA

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Use 30% magnum. You'll have no problems. Price wise, it is about the same price as other brands with less nitro.

I switched to Magnum about a year ago and have never looked back.

Best Regards, Dario

10-26-2004 04:11 AM  13 years agoPost 5


S.E. Michigan

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I know most people seem to shy away from tuned pipes, but
I decided to drop down to 20% from 30% and I installed a hatori 540 pipe.
I as well as, most people at my field noticed a big difference between my R50 and the other 50's at the field, that were using 30%. Also, with the pipe it seems like I get several extra minutes of run time.

My machine was set up for Powermaster Y/S 20/20 both my R50 and my Fury Xtrm. I decided to use up a gallon 20% cool power that I had. You would think it had 0%nitro and 50% oil, it was so sloppy.
It had to be leaned out, on the top and the bottom, it is still a little rough on the bottom end, and it runs a little hotter, even though it smokes like crazy.

If you don't get the performance from the 15% fuel in one brand, you might have to experiment with others.

With the right pipe you can probably tune it to run on even the crapiest fuel.

PowerMaster's Y/S 20/20 was recommened to me, for my Fury Xtrm by the president of wildcat fuel, because he sold out of his wild cat 20% at the Toledo show. He can use any fuel that he wants, but he uses 20%. Both fuels are also good for 4 strokers.

Good Luck,

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